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Accelerate Internet-Based Applications with Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator

Learn how Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator can help your business stay better connected and ensure that your services stay online even in the most demanding of scenarios.

Low Service availability and poor application performance are two very common challenges among gaming companies and other multinationals. Often, conventional network procedures only exacerbate cross-border collaboration issues, and daily operations such as remote conferencing and other telecommunications processes can be easily hampered by an onslaught of network issues from packet loss and network jitter to high latency and DDoS attacks.

Global companies can incur high costs as a result of these issues. And deploying conventional physical leased lines and other related networking infrastructure for a global network on your own is often unrealistic, as it can be extremely costly. And if a good system of intelligent cross-border traffic scheduling and cross-regional redundancy isn't employed in the infrastructure, the costly investment may end up doing little to no good in the end.

One sector that knows these issues all to well is the gaming sector. With the rapidly growing world of interactive gaming thriving on real-time gaming experiences. Gaming companies must critically be able to overcome networking issues and protect their servers against heightened security threats. All of these challenges restrict gaming companies from scaling operations worldwide to continue to cater to what often is a quickly growing customer base.

To help multinational companies resolve these sorts of network challenges, Alibaba Cloud has unveiled an all new solution, named Global Accelerator, which ensures a highly reliable, high-speed and low latency service delivery around the globe. By adapting this solution, you can be assured that your company will have stable coverage across the globe.

What is Global Accelerator

Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator is an application acceleration service that ensures optimal bandwidth and high service reliability to help your business accelerate Internet-facing services to allow for access from anywhere on the globe. Backed by Alibaba Cloud's global network, spanning across 20 regions with over 110 point-of-presence nodes worldwide, Global Accelerator provides high-speed network access and ultra-low transmission latency for end-users. Businesses can leverage Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator to optimize application performance by intelligently routing the traffic to the best endpoint available. Let's take a quick look at the key benefits that Global Accelerator offers.

  • It delivers a smooth user experience for latency-sensitive applications.
  • It securely connects global application endpoints across different geographies and platforms.
  • It assigns the optimal traffic path to connect global applications using dynamic routing selection and intelligent traffic scheduling.
  • It ensures quick cross-border network deployment within minutes through a few simple steps.
  • It assures global compliance with Alibaba Cloud's comprehensive range of certifications and compliance accreditations including both Chinese and international information security standards, as well as various other industry requirements and best practices.

How Global Accelerator Empowers Business Organizations

Below we're going to explore two business scenarios where Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator can help an organization to deliver quality and security-guaranteed networking across several different regions in the world.

Scenario 1: Cross-border Collaboration

Remote conferencing and telecommutications are inevitable in a multinational corporation. Therefore, having fast and reliable cross-border connectivity is absolutely necessary to ensure smooth inter-team communication and collaboration. Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator helps with this by creating a dynamic and secure network solution. Consider the architecture illustrated below.


  • Based on a static access IP address or CNAME address Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator selects the most optimal routing path to the application endpoints and directs user request traffic to the closest acceleration node.
  • A simple and quick deployment process makes Global Accelerator able to assist companies in building a dynamic cross-border network within minutes.
  • Global Accelerator ensures global application service availability by improving the bandwidth efficiency and transmission stability of your network.
  • With a high level of multi-region scalability and redundancy, Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator also facilitates the quick and easy deployment of backend services across branch offices worldwide.
  • Global Accelerator also helps in safeguarding application endpoints through close integration with other Alibaba Cloud networking, computing, and security services. For instance, multinationals can manage and control service access permissions by applying access control policies based on Alibaba Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Cloud Firewall.
  • Integration with Alibaba Cloud Anti-DdoS by default means that the automatic detection and prevention of cyber attacks from the Internet start right when you begin using Global Accelerator.

Scenario 2: Gaming Acceleration

Driven by constant innovation, online gaming companies strive to deliver an exceptional user experience in what are highly demanding scenarios. One scenario of which is real-time multiplayer games. In this sort of scenario, it's often the case that hundreds of players from around the world are concurrently playing high-demand games, and each of them expect a consistently smooth gaming experience. Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator helps global game providers to reduce end-to-end network transmission times to ensure that their players can continue to enjoy games with the annoyance of network jitters or lag.


  • Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator empowers online game providers to deliver a consistent gaming experience by selecting the most optimal path to the application endpoints for directing user traffic to the nearest acceleration node.
  • Easy deployment of Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator means that you can build acceleration links in seconds to scale up and provide service to global players within an instant.
  • By providing a high level of bandwidth efficiency and transmission stability, Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator can help multinational game providers stream online games with minimal latency even at peak hours.
  • Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator facilitates the easy deployment of backend services to support global gaming companies in expanding their business seamlessly, leveraging superior multi-region scalability and redundancy capabilities.
  • With game servers being readily vulnerable to cyber attacks, through close intrgation with other security services such as Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Cloud Firewall, Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator provides a high level of protection to safeguard game servers and protect customer data.
  • With Anti-DDoS integrated into the Global Accelerator service by default, even the more basic packages of this service offer game providers with tools to detect and prevent attacks on their servers.

How Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator Works

Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator connects businesses worldwide with Alibaba Cloud's global network to accelerate business-critical services. This service acceleration process is implemented in the five-part mechanism illustrated below.


  • Users: To begin with, businesses must select a user area where they would like to accelerate their application. They can choose from Mainland China, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Europe, North America, and Australia.
  • Acceleration Nodes: Nodes may refer to a point-of-presence or region. On the basis of a user's location, Global Accelerator allows the user to access the applications of global businesses from the nearest acceleration node.
  • Global Accelerator: At this point the most optimal path is selected to route application traffic from the acceleration node to the business's backend using Alibaba Cloud's global network infrastructure.
  • Regional Endpoint Group: A regional endpoint group consists of multiple endpoints used together to provide higher availability. User application traffic routes to an endpoint group deployed in each Alibaba Cloud region.
  • Endpoints: At this stage, the application traffic reaches the specific endpoint connected to the backend service. The accelerated application endpoints may either be an Alibaba Cloud service or any other cloud service provided by a different cloud service provider.

Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator was developed to help global businesses to accelerate applications to improve the availability and performance of their online applications. With Global Accelerator, Alibaba Cloud customers can now easily minimize network latency and deliver a superior user experience across their various service regions around the globe. Try Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator and see how your network issues can be a thing of the past. Vist the official product page for more information, or contact a sales consultant to get started today.

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