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Perform Accelerated User Experience Testing without Modifying DNS

This tutorial shows you how you can test website access speeds with Global Accelerator (GA) from different IP locations without modifying your DNS.

By Kenny Lai, Alibaba Cloud Solution Architect

User Experience is the top concern for a website owner. To get the viewing experience from different countries, we can leverage third party websites to provide distributed end user experience testing against our own. Traditionally, if we want to test Website Acceleration like Global Accelerator, we have to modify the DNS pointing to GA provided IP address. What if we want to have a quick test to show that the solution works? We can use www.17ce.com to achieve this.

This is the main page of 17ce.com. To test your website speed from different countries, you can enter your URL in the box and click "Check it."


Within minutes, we are able to get performance statistics from various cities worldwide.


The website is hosted on Alibaba Cloud OSS with CDN enabled. Most of the tests on the site have a 1s-2s response time. This is not bad for a Hong Kong website that is being accessed by a Mainland China user.

With Global Accelerator, we can create a GA instance with premium bandwidth plan that allows Mainland China users to access GA's HK IP with faster speeds. The detail configuration can be found at by clicking this link.

First, you will need a Premium Bandwidth GA Plan.


By adding HK in the Acceleration Area, you can host the website in Hong Kong and enable Mainland China users to visit your website with faster speeds.


Without touching the DNS, we are not able to test the GA performance directly.


We can use the third party performance speed test site's "Advanced" function to override this. By clicking the "Advanced" button, we have option to override the DNS settings from the test machine.


Click "Check it" and it will be improved.


Without touching the target system's DNS, we can simulate the GA performance by using this third party testing tool.

That's it! Head on to the official page of Global Accelerator to learn more about its features.

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