Community Blog The 8th Batch of MVPs Announced – Sharing. Leading. Changing.

The 8th Batch of MVPs Announced – Sharing. Leading. Changing.

The results for the Spring 2019 batch of the Alibaba Cloud MVP program have been released and we are proud to announce the new batch of winners!

Time really flies here at Alibaba Cloud! We are once again at the juncture when we welcome some of the best minds of the industry into Alibaba Cloud MVP family and celebrate their technical contributions towards communities.


Alibaba Cloud Most Valuable Professional (MVP) is an award given to the technical leaders in the community for their contributions towards helping others understand and adopt Alibaba Cloud technologies.

The Alibaba Cloud MVP Program has grown a lot in the past years and we managed to build a team of 400+ highly professional Alibaba Cloud advocates, the MVPs from around the globe. With the vision of continuous evolution through Sharing the Learning and Leading the Change, we would like to welcome 48 very talented individuals from 12 different countries joining us as Most Valuable Professionals. These individuals have been shaping the future of Cloud Computing with Alibaba Cloud suite and we are looking forward to their greater contribution in future.

Let's meet our newly awarded MVP members:

What Do Our MVP Members Have to Say About Cloud Computing and MVP?

"With the agility offered by cloud computing and customers' interest in Digital Transformation, IT is helping business to transform their ideas into reality at lightning speed. I am excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Alibaba Cloud to help customers embrace Cloud, DevOps and scale their business like never before."

Sajith Venkit, Senior Delivery Manager at Infosys

"An MVP is an award for individuals who have exhibited exceptional technical expertise and a talent for sharing knowledge within their technical community. My goal as an MVP is to reduce the gap between technology and technologists by helping adopt best practices and new products and services."

Fernando Honig, CEO of nubeGO

"We hope to leverage the flexibility and elasticity of cloud computing to help enterprise reduce operations cost and increase business performance."

Eric To, Manager of Cloud Computing at China Telecom Global Limited

"I have been following Alibaba Cloud for a while now and I am excited to see how the platform has evolved over the past few years. The product suite now includes most of the key solutions and services which allows the company to efficiently compete with other key cloud service providers on the global market."

Nhi Ha, Senior IT Consultant at Fujitsu Australia

"As an Alibaba Cloud MVP, I will work closely with other MVPs in sharing our experience with the community on best practices of DevOps in Alibaba Cloud Environment as well as introducing Alibaba Cloud to newcomers."

Yuanzhang Wu, Head of Operation at LifeByte Systems Pty. Ltd.

"My first programming language was Turbo Pascal in 2007, beginning with "hello world." Since then, technology has moved so fast, and we need to keep learning. I wish to collaborate with other MVPs and developers in the field of web development and Artificial Intelligence to create a web platform solving real-life problems."

Ahmad Arib Alfarisy, Web Developer at Megichina

Learn more about Alibaba Cloud MVP at https://mvp.alibabacloud.com

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