Community Blog Redefining Analysis: EventBridge Real-Time Event Analysis Platform

Redefining Analysis: EventBridge Real-Time Event Analysis Platform

This article explains the benefits of the EventBridge Real-Time Event Analysis Platform.

By Kenmeng

Log analysis is familiar to us. Millions of logs can be analyzed every day with open-source analysis frameworks, such as distributed computing, big data processing, and Spark.

Event analysis is another field. Event analysis requires higher real-time performance. It is necessary to smooth the message conversion pipeline from semi-structured to structured in the event field to realize query retrieval, visualization, and other functions. However, currently, there are few tools available for the analysis of streaming events. It is very inconvenient for developers that expect to use Serverless architecture or EDA (event-driven) architecture.

Based on the characteristics of the event, the inability to trace the content of events, track event flows, and visualize and analyze events have become a stumbling block to the evolution of event-driven architectures. EventBridge recently released a new analysis tool for the event/message field to solve the problem of analyzing streaming events in the event field called the EventBridge real-time event analysis platform. Let's take a look at the EventBridge real-time event analysis platform.

An Introduction to the EventBridge Real-Time Event Analysis Platform

It relies on an event-based real-time processing engine to provide capabilities, such as numerical retrieval, visualized analysis, multi-configuration analysis, event tracking, event sourcing, and Schema management. It features no intrusion, no need for data reporting, low cost, and fast operation. Users can quickly implement event-based streaming query and analysis through simple guided interaction.


Core Features

Multi-Scenario Support


Currently, the event query platform is more popular in the market. However, there are some essential differences between analysis and query. Analysis is based on query but not limited to it.

EventBridge has built a complete set of event tool chains to help development and O&M. EventBridge can help operation teams use analysis tools more efficiently, integrate all events seamlessly on one analysis platform, and provide efficient, reliable, and universal event analysis capabilities.

  • Serverless: Thanks to the promotion of the Serverless architecture, event-driven is more used in enterprise's core processes. Serverless is defined as not having to manage any infrastructure, but serverless opacity and difficult debugging is a pain point the entire architecture must address. When we have configured the trigger, we will not know which data triggered the function at which point and whether the trigger process is abnormal. EventBridge event analysis can solve the problem of the black box of data triggered in Serverless, making all event triggers visible.
  • Microservices Field: Microservices are common in modern development architectures. This architecture consists of a collection of small, loosely coupled, and independently deployable services. This makes microservice models difficult to debug. A small fault in a certain part of the system may cause large-scale service crashes. Many times, we have to skip certain normal services to debug a single request. EventBridge event analysis can effectively track and troubleshoot all microservice messages through event ID staining. This helps microservices to do visualized troubleshooting.
  • Message Field: In the traditional message field, message schema management and message content retrieval remain significant problems. In most cases, we need to add subscribers to analyze messages offline. The EventBridge event analysis platform provides message schema management and message content query capabilities to provide a more complete solution for message visualization.
  • Cloud Products: Cloud products reduce the complexity of infrastructure construction for enterprises, but they also cause many problems. Let's take ECS as an example. In many cases, fault events will be triggered due to system errors or performance damage to cloud disks. Such events usually involve peripheral products (such as ACK). It is quite challenging to capture all cloud events for basic troubleshooting. EventBridge allows you to seamlessly access all cloud service events to reduce O&M failures caused by cloud product changes.

EventBridge provides a more efficient and universal event analysis platform. Based on this platform, you can resolve the demands of event analysis, event query, and event tracking in most scenarios.


EventBridge supports core capabilities, such as schema management, numerical retrieval, visualized analysis, multi-configuration analysis, event tracking, and event sourcing. EventBridge provides out-of-the-box features. There is no need for additional deployment.

  • Numerical Retrieval: EventBridge provides the basic numerical retrieval capability and supports typing key, value, =, !=, exists, AND, OR, and other parameters. This meets the basic demands of event retrieval scenarios.


  • Visualized Analysis: EventBridge provides visualized analysis capabilities, such as GROUP BY and ORDER BY. It also supports multi-configuration, multi-chart, and multi-dimensional analysis capabilities.


  • Tracing Analysis: EventBridge provides the event tracking capability to restore the overall process status of an event. This helps developers quickly troubleshoot and locate process issues.


Low-Cost Access


EventBridge supports the access of EventBus. EventBus is divided into cloud service event bus and custom event bus. The cloud service bus supports almost all Alibaba Cloud product events and seamlessly supports the access of cloud service events to the event analysis platform. Custom event bus supports the access of RocketMQ, Kafka, or other custom events. (The current version only supports a small number of cloud service events.)

The overall access process is relatively simple, with little intrusion into the original business. Event analysis can be disabled or enabled at any time. Online configuration can be realized at the same time, with immediate effect.


EventBridge provides a more convenient and efficient event analysis tool. It helps developers define query conditions and analyze event content in a timely manner.

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