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This project is from Sandi Pratama, which was awarded with the Innovation Award in the Re-Cloud Challenges 2022.

This project is from Sandi Pratama, which was awarded with the Innovation Award in the Re-Cloud Challenges 2022.

Project Introduction

The children are the future of the world. They will be someone that changes the world for the better. They will be someone that makes their family, country, and this world proud. It's our responsibility as an adult to make a better environment for them, especially when they are in their golden age (kids). But, everything has a flaw. Even in such a prestigious school, there will be a flaw called bullying and harassment. And this flaw often destroys the future of kids.

So, We (Adelie Studio & Friends) initiated a program to help bullied kids overcome their trauma. We make some educational video games for kids and parents as a medium to know what to do when they or their kids are facing this problem.


Solution and Project Value

Referring to the problem that we stated, we created 2 products, landing page/site and video game. First, we make a landing page for anyone that needs helps for this case. There is a hotline feature that will connect you with our friends in case you need physiological help and law enforcement. Inside the landing page, there is also a demo of the simulation game that we currently producing to help the kids and their parents learn many things about PTSD caused by bullying.

The problem that we trying to solve is, "how can we help the traumatic kids that caused by bullying overcome their trauma in fun ways"

For this program, we also collaborate with a new emerging law enforcement startup called #BeraniHadapi (Beranihadapi.com), they will help our audience (the kids and their parents) in case they need help for serious cases such as s*xual harassment and need law enforcement. #BeraniHadapi only helps the case that happens in Indonesia for now.

Alibaba Cloud Products Used

The tech that we use for the landing page is called AliCMS. It's an amazing product and helps us make a landing page that responsive to many devices easily.

About the Developer

Adelie Studio (formerly Adelie Penguin Studio) is a social enterprise startup based in Bandung, Indonesia that working in the entertainment sector that develops an animal-themed video game as a learning medium for kids. As a social enterprise startup, we develop a video game that has a mission to help kids learn new things with the video game as a medium to make it more interesting.

For further information, please check our site at https://adelie.studio

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