Community Blog CMI x Alibaba Cloud: Bolster Businesses' Digital Transformation Capabilities

CMI x Alibaba Cloud: Bolster Businesses' Digital Transformation Capabilities

Discover how the integration of CMI global network resources and Alibaba Cloud service provides customers with everything they need to “go cloud”.

By Malaysia Team


China Mobile International (CMI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Mobile to provide better services to meet the growing demand in the international telecommunications market. CMI headquartered in Hong Kong, China and has expanded its footprint in 36 countries and regions. Leveraging the strong support by China Mobile, CMI is a trusted partner that provides comprehensive international telecom services and solutions to international enterprises.

CMI 3-Dimensions Digital Infrastructure Empowers Your Global Expansion

CMI is dedicated to expanding the resources deployment of “the Highway, the Station, and the Centre”.

In terms of “Highway”, we have more than 70 cable resources (10 self-built and 8 terrestrial cable resources) with network capacity over 115T.

In terms of “Station”, the number of PoPs of CMI has 225 PoPs worldwide. Compared to 2021, our transmission capacity increased 18%.

In terms of “Centre", CMI provides 9,000+ racks, which join our data centres in Singapore, Frankfurt and London to create a strong global network. Globally, our data centre racks increased 21% in 2021 YOY.

To enhance intra-Asian connectivity, we joined hands with other partners in the South East Asia Hainan - Hong Kong Express Cable System (SEA-H2X) project, which connects major cities such as HKSAR and Singapore, along with Hainan, China, linking to locations in the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand in Southeast Asia. The SEA-H2X cable will provide high-speed, low-latency, and low-cost data connections for customers in the RCEP region, to further accelerate economic development of its members.


CMI iSolutions Delivers One-stop Enterprise Solutions to Foster Your Digital Transformation

Leveraging our rich network resources, CMI iSolutions provide connectivity, multi-cloud, data center, IoT and ICT services to the global enterprise customers. We have also launched more than 50 comprehensive, high-quality and one-stop enterprise solutions for various industries, including finance, retail, Internet, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, etc. General solutions such as integrated cloud network solutions and MNC solutions are also provided. We aim to help enterprises throughout their digital transformation journey and empower enterprises in Mainland China to expand to the global market.

Based on research findings, over 75% of the enterprise generated data is predicted to be processed by edge or cloud computing by 2025, more and more enterprises will adopt cloud or edge computing as key drivers for their revenue growth. To provide innovative solutions to customers, CMI iSolutions build a one-stop-shop cloud service portal to enable customer to purchase, managed and monitor mCloud Service in an efficient and self-service way.

Increase Business Agility with CMI mCloud Platform


CMI iSolutions' integrates with the world's top cloud service providers, including Alibaba Cloud. Together we provide 80 cloud connection nodes in 62 cities around the world, providing single interface to support customers to manage their cloud products in the most convenient and simplified way.

Highly secure and reliable cloud service. Based on CMI's strong global network resources and Alibaba Cloud's cloud computing capabilities, customers can enjoy up to 99.99% end-to-end connection and service-level agreement (SLA)

Make cloud network visible, customized and controllable. Enterprises can streamline the buying process with only 3-step purchase while the provisioning time is significantly shortened. Customers could instantly purchase and provision the Cloud account and other CMI's cloud-network services.

Fulfil different needs of multiple Industries. CMI has provided cloud network integration services to many global customers, including Fortune Global 500 Companies. Taking one of our Chinese-funded bank customers as an example, it needs remote office solution, which required secure VPN connections as well as bandwidth and equipment load capacity. We provide a one-stop solution of Alibaba Cloud Smart Access Gateway and CMI Cloud Connect to solve work from remote problems and enhance productivity.

CMI and Alibaba Cloud Work Together to Provide Comprehensive Cloud Service Within Costs

CMI and Alibaba Cloud has established an in-depth partnership since 2018. As the Alibaba Cloud Elite Channel Partner and the global distributor, CMI aims to provide better cloud services and consultation to the global enterprise customers. To facilitate international business, CMI has local Alibaba Cloud accounts in 20 regions and countries, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and Germany, etc. Customers from Malaysia will be able to receive local support.

Last but not least, CMI and Alibaba Cloud provides exclusive offers! Customers can enjoy up to 12% off Alibaba Cloud products and an extra USD 700 Alibaba Cloud voucher will also be given to new enterprise customers of CMI cloud network integrated platform, mCloud. From 1 July to 31 December 2022, CMI has also launched multiple offers to fulfil different needs for business transformation, including free trial of cloud network products, free cloud consulting, cloud professional service package and IoT trial package. Click here to accelerate your digital transformation journey within budget!

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