Community Blog ACtivate 2019: Empower Your Digital Transformation with Alibaba Cloud

ACtivate 2019: Empower Your Digital Transformation with Alibaba Cloud

Sign up for the Alibaba Cloud ACtivate Online Conference to explore your digital transformation journey with us.


Are you looking to develop your organization's strategic roadmap to drive impact and to take advantage of the rapidly-evolving opportunities of technology? Want to learn about what's next in technology innovations and build skills across the latest technology capabilities?

Taming the digital transformation beast can be difficult and that's exactly why Alibaba Cloud, a global leader in cloud computing, brings you answers to those questions. Sign up for our global ACtivate online conference for FREE!

Join us on March 5th and 6th, 2019 for Alibaba Cloud ACtivate Online Conference! Learn how Alibaba Cloud helped empower the digital transformation, and gain more professional insights from Alibaba Cloud technology experts at ACtivate.


Tell Me About ACtivate 2019 Conference

Alibaba Cloud ACtivate is a free online conference that will help leaders develop their strategic roadmap to drive impact and take advantage of the rapidly-evolving opportunities of technology. Learn about Alibaba Cloud's core products and solutions with our step-by-step introduction to jump-start your digital transformation.

  • ACtivate Day 1 is ideal for business leaders and decision makers of companies who are driven to shape their future success through digital transformation.
  • ACtivate Day 2 is geared towards IT professionals, developers and tech enthusiasts, where we will provide product and solution training, evaluate readiness, and discuss management best practices.

The two-day ACtivate 2019 Online Conference with 12-sessions packed with best-in-class professional insights from Alibaba Cloud will provide you -

  • First-hand information about Alibaba Cloud's key success stories.
  • Deep-dive into cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning and AI.
  • Free trainings on Alibaba Cloud's core product and solution portfolio.
  • Know-how to secure your business with Alibaba Cloud products and solutions.
  • Alibaba Cloud's key solution offerings that can help empower your business.

What Are the Key Topics at ACtivate 2019?

The two-day conference serves the best of both worlds as it not only covers strategic insights in Digital Transformation for CXOs and decision makers, but also provides technical readiness and trainings required for IT professionals and developers.

We will be focusing on the current trends of cloud technology, including:

  • Artificial Intelligence - Alibaba Cloud's Big Data and A.I. Products & Solutions
  • Big Data - How Organization Creates a Competitive Data Edge
  • Security - Compliance in the Digital World – Security and Protocols
  • Containter Service - Build Next Gen Financial Services with Alibaba Cloud Kubernetes
  • DevOps - Using Terraform and Packer to Deploy Highly Available Architectures

We will also be hosting other popular topics by Alibaba Cloud, including

  • China Gateway: Enabling Business Success in Digital China
  • Networking: Alibaba Cloud Network Solution Introduction
  • Web Hosting: Hosting Your Company Website on the Cloud
  • Retail: SMART Retail Cloud Solution in the Digital Age
  • Financial Services: Next Gen Financial Services with Alibaba Cloud



Why Should I Join the Conference?

Already 1,000+ CXOs, business and technical leaders, IT Professionals, and Developer around the globe have signed up for ACtivate to uncover answers to those challenges facing business leaders today:

  • How Alibaba Cloud core product and solution portfolio can help businesses jump-start their digital transformation journey.
  • How to expand globally with a compliant, reliable, and stable networking infrastructure and achieve accelerated content delivery, reduced latency, and improved experience.
  • How to establish an online web presence and penetrate the China Market in compliance with local regulations and ICP registration.
  • How to develop a technology roadmap for your digital transformation initiatives.

So why waiting? Join Alibaba Cloud ACtivate to exchange ideas, challenge assumptions, and explore endless possibilities at Alibaba Cloud ACtivate. Don't miss out!

EXplore the Digital Transformation Journey with Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud has helped boost the miracle growth of Alibaba Group Online Business, including supporting the record-breaking 2018 Double 11 Shopping Festival. As one of the biggest cloud service providers globally, Alibaba Cloud now ushers into a new era through continual innovation. Our comprehensive suite of products and solutions are injected with the DNA of business intelligence along with smarter cloud computing services.

Sign up now to get inspired on how our new suite of products and solutions can help drive impact for your business, and take advantage of the rapidly-evolving opportunities with intelligence powered technology.


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Raja_KT March 6, 2019 at 3:24 am

Nice. Expecting it to come along with certification guides and exam...:)

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