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Introduction to DataWorks - Workshop Introduction

Interested in learning more about DataWorks? Then, we've got a workshop for you.

This module of the workshop course is a simple introduction to the workshop. In this workshop, you will learn the design ideas and core capabilities of DataWorks.

Workshop Introduction

This workshop is intended to help any user of DataWorks who is interested in learning more about DataWorks. For this series, you should be familiar with standard SQL. It may be helpful if you familiarize yourself with the principles behind data warehouses and Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute.

In this workshop, you will work on a common real-world massive log data analysis task as a means to get to know the functions and capabilities of DataWorks. After completing the workshop, you will be able to understand the main features of DataWorks, independently complete some of the common tasks of a typical job in data science, including data acquisition, data development, task operations.

Workshop Contents

This workshop includes the following content:

  • Product introduction: You will learn about DataWorks, including its overall architecture and its modules and their relationships.
  • Data Acquisition: You will learn how to synchronize data from different data sources to MaxCompute, how to quickly trigger task runs, and how to view task logs.
  • Data Processing: You will learn how to run a data flow chart, how to create a new data table, and how to configure periodic scheduling properties for tasks.
  • Data Quality: You will learn how to configure monitoring rules for data quality for tasks and how to ensure that the task runs quality issues.

Product Introduction

DataWorks is a big data research and development platform, which uses MaxCompute as its main calculation engine. The interfacing of these two Alibaba Cloud products also features data integration, modeling, development as well as operations monitoring, and data management and security, among other product functions. With the algorithm platform PAI, DataWorks offers a comprehensive big data analytics solution that includes everything from big data development to Data Mining and Machine Learning.

To learn more about DataWorks, check out these next sections:

If you have any questions, please consult our technical support team. You can add our DingTalk group whose ID is 11718465.

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