Community Blog How Indonesian Fintechs are Rising to the Data Challenge

How Indonesian Fintechs are Rising to the Data Challenge

In this post, we examine how three Indonesian FinTechs migrated to Alibaba Cloud and the business benefits they realized.

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As digital adoption rates soar, many organizations could learn valuable lessons from the Indonesian market. Indonesian companies have stepped up to the many challenges of the last few months, driving best-in-class digital initiatives across multiple industries.

Alibaba Cloud has helped many Indonesian businesses reap the rewards of using the cloud to digitally transform and succeed on a global scale. We're also highly active in the FinTech space, with a strong track record thanks to our extensive FinTech on Cloud solution.

In this post, we examine how three Indonesian FinTechs migrated to Alibaba Cloud and the business benefits they realized.

Introducing Akulaku and DANA

Akulaku and DANA are two leading Indonesian FinTechs, both of which relied on IT infrastructures that were predominantly located in Singapore. These businesses wanted to work with a world-class public cloud provider with a strong local presence in Indonesia.

With data centers in Jakarta, the Alibaba Cloud network gave these businesses the local resources they needed. Both businesses now store their data in Indonesia, helping them meet local compliance requirements.

Data security was another primary requirement for these FinTechs. Akulaku is a leading ecommerce and online financing platform provider in South East Asia, with two million active users. Our comprehensive range of Security Solutions gives Akulaku the protection its business needs at the data, application and network level.

We also worked with Akulaku to help the company build individual credit ratings and risk management models. We achieved this using established use cases from Ant Finance (a business unit within the Alibaba group), helping Akulaku explore and refine its data analytics roadmaps.

Data analytics is also vital to DANA's business intelligence. DANA is a leading digital wallet provider in Indonesia, which is driving a cashless society across its 40+ million users. Powered by our MaxCompute and DataWorks solutions, its merchant portal provides an intuitive dashboard so merchants can access their specific analytic insights – whenever they need it.

Additional internal dashboards also allow DANA to monitor user and merchant behaviors, covering in-depth insights, customer segmentations and even fraud detection. The ability to now process large amounts of data from different sources
simultaneously offers DANA a host of new business possibilities – at a greatly reduced development time.

Both businesses have also experienced substantial growth in recent times. But this brings additional network challenges. The scalability and reliability of the cloud are second-to-none thanks to solutions like Auto Scaling and our Global Network, which provide businesses with the opportunity to grow on a local and global stage.

By using Alibaba Cloud Container for Kubernetes (ACK), DANA's team can also easily auto-scale resources and support large traffic volumes.

We also reduced the time-to-market for DANA. During the pandemic, DANA expanded further into hospitality with DANA Food, and launched EAZY Eats, a food-ordering service that was entirely built on Alibaba Cloud, within just 12 weeks.

Investree's Microservices Migration

We recently worked with Investree, a leading B2B marketplace in Indonesia, transforming its monolithic and on-premises architecture into an agile and on-cloud microservices offering.

Microservices decouple the frontend layer from the backend platform/ data layer through APIs. Therefore, each component of the platform can be updated or changed individually.

By switching to microservices, Investree locked extensive business agility and reduced its release cycles. The company no longer had to hardcode every change request across its database, code and front-end platforms.

Microservice system components are also decoupled, increasing the resilience of Investree's network. And, by hosting its platform on the cloud, the company now benefits from industry-leading SLAs and redundancy plans to keep them running on a 24/7 basis.

To summarize, a move to the cloud can help your FinTech realize significant cost savings, develop and deploy your apps faster than ever before, while helping you meet local compliance regulations and customer expectations.

Alibaba Cloud works with a range of businesses, providing a comprehensive suite of cloud-based products and services. We can help you setup, launch and succeed in any region around the world. To find out more about our work, download Best Practices of Cloud Adoption in Indonesia whitepaper today.

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