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How Can I Protect My Emails from Being Identified as Spam?

This article explains how to protect your emails from being identified as spam.

By Pablo Puig

Mailing System and Security

Many enterprise applications have a lot of potential to detect spam emails. Sometimes, customers feel uncomfortable when they realize their emails have been marked as spam without knowing. This happens because of various anti-spam policies implemented by different organizations.

Alibaba Mail is very reliable and flexible serving its customers in various aspects through standard and enterprise mail options. Alibaba Cloud is very concerned about handling the security of its immense mailing system. They provide guidelines, rules, and regulations to protect emails from being identified as spam.

Protect Emails from Spam

You need to follow some of the instructions provided by Alibaba Cloud to prevent your emails from falling into the spam category.

Step 1: Set a Valid Domain Name

Purchase a valid domain name under the product section:


Set a valid domain name using the following predefined chart values. You must follow the symbols and characters listed below:


After setting the domain name, it will be listed under the Basic Info tab. This is your mailing system.


You can also update the domain name of your mailing system by clicking the Change Domain Name link. After adding a new domain name, click Submit:


Step 2: Avoid Sending Bulk Emails

Alibaba Cloud sends emails to the spam folder for multiple reasons. If you send bulk emails with the same subject line or body as marketing or branding, Alibaba Cloud's anti-spam algorithm identifies it as junk email. Alibaba Cloud has also set some restrictions on the sending frequency of emails. Users must follow these policies before sending an email.

Step 3: Avoid Sending Unsolicited Content

Alibaba Cloud is very keen on its services. Alibaba will mark unsolicited emails, such as adult content, digital publication, marketing material, and advertising, as spam due to their restricted policy. Do not add irrelevant websites links or links connected to broken IP addresses. Otherwise, the email will be considered spam.

Step 4: Do Not Use Bots

Sending an email using a third-party bot will put your email in a spam category because of Alibaba Cloud’s efficient technology and security measures. Alibaba Cloud’s algorithms manage these kinds of tricks timely and automatically. So, please avoid using third-party software or bots to send emails.

Step 5: A Valid Recipient Email Address

The recipient's email address must be valid and configured on a valid domain server from their side. There are a lot of spam IP addresses linked to different servers to generate dummy emails. Alibaba Cloud’s algorithm can control these activities by breaking the link and adding the email to spam. Your email can also be considered spam if the recipient has blacklisted you. So, you must confirm with the recipient before sending an email.


Delivering a quick and time-framed email is everyone’s first concern. You must follow the guidelines defined by Alibaba Could to protect your email from any spam category. You should keep your email content to the point, choose valuable and unique subject lines, avoid adult content, marketing, or advertising, avoid using bots, and send emails under limited frequency. Following these parameters will keep your email safe from anti-spam algorithms.

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