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Fintechs: How to Capitalize on Your Data

From business intelligence to quantum computing, fintechs are now embracing a range of increasingly data-driven solutions to disrupt the market.

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Fintech companies have unleashed tremendous technical disruption on the banking industry. However, the revolution is far from over, as data becomes the driving force for change in this dynamic and competitive sector.

From business intelligence to quantum computing, Fintechs are now embracing a range of increasingly data-driven solutions to disrupt the market.

Big data analytics form the foundations of this approach, with Alibaba Cloud providing a range of intuitive and easy-to-use platforms to help Fintech companies capitalize on their data. For example, our MaxCompute data processing platform and QuickBI business intelligence service can help extract value from vast data lakes.

Using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, these data analysis solutions can provide in-depth insights into user preferences, brand perception, and future trends to help drive strategic decision-making.

Combined with our DataV visualization service and DataWorks data warehousing solution, you can use data mining and analysis to identify and drive further business and functional strategies across your operational, marketing and customer service divisions. This allows you to seize new opportunities that otherwise might remain hidden.

These tools are often coupled with our Machine Learning Platform, which supports data analysis, prediction algorithms, target marketing, virtual advisory chatbots, and many more applications to help Fintechs meet their ongoing data mining and analysis requirements.

Predictive Analytics

The Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform can be put to work by investment companies who use predictive analytics to create investment ideas and forecast risks. For example, the platform's financial algorithms could assess the risks associated with a financial loan or investment.

The platform provides a scorecard component so users can calculate the capability of clients to settle their debt or make an investment, providing the means to manage risks effectively.

Robo-advisors are also gaining traction in the wealth management sector, where multiple AI-enabled applications are analyzing human patterns to offer in-depth personalization.

The ET Brain AI platform is another innovative solution. This ultra-intelligent machine learning platform is helping Fintech companies to build cost-effective, next generation, high availability infrastructures for AI and machine learning for real-time processing scenarios such as face, image, and text recognition.

Quantum Computing

Looking to the future, quantum computing holds real potential to rapidly solve complicated algorithms. Within the financial services market, it has implications for fraud analysis, risk management, and advanced financial data modeling.

Portfolio optimization is an emerging application area, where quantum computers could be harnessed to suggest investment decisions capable of balancing risk and developing recommendations that yield maximum returns.

We were recently one of the first companies to roll out quantum computing cloud services, giving businesses more than 10 qubits of quantum computing power with the second most powerful public quantum computing service to date.

In Conclusion

Technology-driven changes will affect every financial institution. Our vast range of data analysis and forward-looking cloud-based solutions allow Fintechs to react to such changes in their own way, depending on vision, objectives, regulations, and capabilities.

If you'd like to find out more, visit www.alibabacloud.com/solutions/financial to revolutionize your Fintech and start capitalizing on your data today.

To learn more about how technology is impacting the financial services industry, download our ebook, Big Data and Blockchain: Innovative Fintech in the Cloud.

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