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ExpoCommerce: Online Sales Management Panel

This is a featured project from the Project Hub by Alibaba Cloud.


Project Introduction

ExpoCommerce is a customized and dynamic eCommerce and affiliate solution to sell physical products online developed by WebSoft.

Target Problems

ExpoCommerce allows to sell products from any category and industry. It provides a complete admin panel for management of inventory, affiliates, payments, users and much more. No matter either you are a small store or big online company, ExpoCommerce is the right solution. It can easily support more than 1 million products. ExpoCommerce is a lightweight application, it allows to create blog and pages. You can also develop customized templates to use it for your desired purpose.


ExpoCommerce provides efficient solutions to deal with large orders and from a lot of customers. Its dynamic admin panel provides great control in management. Products from all categories with unlimited attributes are supported. No matter you are willing to launch an online store or a simple blog, ExpoCommerce is a great solution. It allows you to publish articles, build business pages and generate dynamic content. You can offer discount coupons and allow your users to become affiliate.

Following is a shortlist of features available in ExpoCommerce.

  1. Online Blog and Pages
  2. Multiple Customized Pages
  3. Customized Menu
  4. Dynamic Widgets
  5. Products Listing
  6. Hierarchical Categories Support
  7. Multi-Attribute Products
  8. Discount Coupon System
  9. Login - Register - Forget Password
  10. Customer Feedbacks and Reviews
  11. Multiple Shipping Methods
  12. Multi-Currency
  13. Affiliate System
  14. User Management
  15. Multiple Admins
  16. Online Payment via Credit Card / Debit Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay
  17. Customer Badges based on scores
  18. Marketing Email Subscribers
  19. Dynamic Widgets
  20. Sales Tax Support
  21. Open Source
  22. Customized Templates
  23. Customized Plugins
  24. Powerful Admin Panel
  25. Order Tracking
  26. Wishlist Management
  27. Add to Cart
  28. SEO Optimized Code
  29. Multi Brands
  30. Products' Gallery
  31. Featured Images
  32. Dynamically generated product filters
  33. Order History
  34. Pagination
  35. Ajax Live Search and a lot of more features.

Alibaba Cloud Products Used

Technology Highlights

The project has been developed using the following technologies: Express JS MySQL JavaScript jQuery Bootstrap & CSS3 Pug Templates Engine. And it is deployed on Alibaba Cloud ECS. We utilized Alibaba Cloud ECS by installing LEMP stack, Node JS and NPM. Alibaba Cloud ECS is well suited for our needs as it is very convenient and can provide enough computing power to support millions of concurrent users.

About the Team

I am Arslan ud Din Shafiq, Director & CEO of WebSoft IT Development Solutions (Private) Limited, Pakistan, Alibaba Cloud MVP, and a full stack developer.

Alibaba Cloud Project Hub

Alibaba Cloud Project Hub is a gallery for developer to showcase innovative projects based on Alibaba Cloud products. This project was featured in the Project Hub and was developed Alibaba Cloud MVP Arslan ud Din Shafiq

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Alibaba Cloud Project Hub

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