Community Blog Enhancing the In-Store Retail Experience with the Big Data on the Cloud

Enhancing the In-Store Retail Experience with the Big Data on the Cloud

Creating an experience that transforms customers into advocates is no easy feat. We'll discuss how big data can make this possible.

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Speed, convenience, and personalization; these are all key to offering memorable online and in-store retail experiences in today's digital world. However, if you wish to deliver the kind of experience that customers now expect, you must leverage your valuable data across your entire retail life cycle.

By doing so, you'll be creating a buying experience that not only meets consumer demand but also delights your customers and transforms them into brand advocates. Fortunately, cloud technologies, like those produced by Alibaba Cloud, are driving new methods of innovation across retail spaces. Let's look at some examples below.

Engaging In-Store Customers

Forward-thinking retailers are adopting robust digital platforms to enhance the in-store experience for customers. This includes Alibaba Cloud's Image Search and Machine Learning Platform for AI, which have transformed the way customers interact with and shop for products.

Image Search, for example, leverages deep learning technology to provide precise search and entity recognition, allowing customers to find related products by simply uploading a picture from their mobile device. In addition, our IoT Platform enables retailers to collect and manage valuable in-store data, and offer richer, personalized experiences.

In recent years, an increasing number of initiatives intent on providing a more seamless, customer-centric in-store experience have emerged. This includes an influx of convenience stores, where mobile is key for both shoppers and retailers.

For example, Mobile Point of Sale (PoS) devices can save time for both shoppers and retailers. These devices tell retail staff where items are located in a store, and how many units are left in stock. You could even accept payments from a PoS device, providing customers with a quick checkout anywhere on the shop floor. Ultimately, this provides customers with greater flexibility, reduced checkout queues, and in turn, an improved experience.

Keeping It Personalized

Common challenges facing retailers are high website bounce rates and declining revenue as a consequence, which makes it even more essential to offer personalized experiences to all visitors. For example, you could offer your customers relevant items, information or promotions which correspond to their preferences.

By leveraging the capabilities of the cloud, personalized marketing is also helping retailers develop more effective Online-to-Offline (O2O) strategies too. For example, you could simply offer customers coupons on your social media platforms to be used in physical stores.

If you wanted to take a more sophisticated approach, you could upload the online shopping behavior of customers into the cloud for analysis, and then use those insights to suggest items or deals for shoppers when they enter physical stores.

Big-Data Opportunities

What makes this all possible? Big Data. Retailers have used data analytics to generate business intelligence for years now, however, advancing digitization and machine learning capabilities are enabling personalized customer service, consumer insights, business intelligence, and smart supply chains.

Our Data Analytics Solution includes a range of innovative products and services. For example, our MaxCompute service provides a fast and full-hosted TB/PB-level data warehousing solution. Our QuickBI service also provides intelligent analytics and visualization for your Big Data, which can also be supported by the DataV visualization tool.

For today's shoppers, experience matters, and that's why to thrive in today's increasingly competitive retail market, you must provide a customer experience that stands out from your competitors.

To discover new methods of improving the retail experience for your customers, please download the Pace, Convenience and Personalization: Using Data to Transform Retail Experiences whitepaper today.

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