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Digitizing the In-Store Experience

Alibaba Cloud is helping traditional bricks and mortar retailers to bring digital transformation in-store.


Imagine using a food ingredient's barcode to find out what other items you could buy to create a delicious recipe, scanning all your products and paying at a supermarket with just your smartphone, or getting it delivered direct to your home in just 30 minutes.

By integrating opportunities to transform retail as part of the store's experience, retailers and customers can see some examples of digital transformation come to life. For example, retailers can leverage big data, enhanced analytics and new technologies such as cloud computing and machine learning to bolster their in-store experience, ensuring that customers find the products they want and keep coming back for more.

With better integration of the online and offline experience in-store, retailers can give customers a more seamless shopping experience. For example, assistants armed with tablets can show a broader range of stock, help customers to locate products in the exact size or style from across their network, or arrange home delivery of purchases once they have been made. By providing a frictionless omni-channel shopping experience for customers, retailers can encourage shoppers to make purchases and increase the amount they spend.

However, many established retailers are concerned that they will struggle to take advantage of these new technologies because their business models are not well adapted to an online strategy. This is where Alibaba Cloud can help. With services such as Ling Shou Tong, an integrated system and mobile app, we have helped retailers to better track their inventory and receive recommendations about popular products, so they can stock what is selling best at that time. Over 600,000 outlets in Mainland China – about 10% of the country's convenience stores – are currently benefitting from the technology.

In our latest ebook on retail technology, Smart Shopping: Digital Transformation Strategies for Retail, we will discuss three key areas where digital transformation is having a huge impact:

  • Digital in-store experience
  • Improved logistics and delivery
  • Seamless end-to-end experience

This forms part of a series of ebooks from Alibaba Cloud that deep-dive into digital transformation in retail. Other ebooks will focus on the impact of data and discuss how key Alibaba Cloud products can help business grow. To learn more visit https://resource.alibabacloud.com/whitepaper.

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