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Eco Energy Box: Record Resource Consumption Automatically

This is a featured project from Alibaba Cloud Project Hub, developed by Ida Bagus Gede Purwania and Kadek Krisna Angga Pamungkas.

This is a featured project from Alibaba Cloud Project Hub. It is developed by Ida Bagus Gede Purwania from Indonesia.

Project Introduction

Eco Energy Box, is an energy monitoring system based on Internet of Things (IoT). Eco Energy Box can make it easier for relevant stakeholders in each property to record energy consumption data automatically through a device installed at each measurement point. Through this platform, property management can control and monitor the consumption of electrical and water energy in several properties with different locations, and make it easier to make decisions or strategies to make efficient electrical and water energy consumption.

Eco Energy Box consists of hardware installed at each electrical measurement point and software, which is an application used to monitor the use of electrical and water energy consumed at the property.


The growth of accommodation development in Bali is very fast because Bali is one of the islands with a high level of tourist visits. This growth has an impact on the increasing demand for national electricity needs. The production of electrical energy can cause the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions, in the form of carbon (CO2) emissions produced by power plants in Indonesia which tend to increase from year to year. The negative impact on the environment is global warming. Property owners should be aware of this situation and start using and consuming electrical energy wisely and measured. The management of electrical energy in a property is needed to increase environmental value, energy efficiency, reduce operational costs on energy consumption and realize sustainable smart properties in accordance with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).


An energy monitoring system based on IoT was built to make it easier to record electrical energy consumption data in real time by using an electric current sensor installed on the device. The tool that was built was called the Eco Energy Box.

The characteristics of the energy monitoring system that are built include the following:

  1. A tool can be installed at each measurement point
  2. The data generated by the installed tools can be accessed through a special application that can be accessed by the engineer / owner at any time.
  3. The results of the report / visualization produced by the system can be used as a reference or material to determine a more effective and efficient use of energy.
  4. The resulting report contains the amount of carbon (CO2) emissions produced so that it becomes a consideration for energy control in order to minimize the impact of global warming.
  5. The resulting report also contains costs that must be spent for energy consumption.

Alibaba Cloud Products Used

  • ECS

Eco Energy Box is built using several devices including Arduino Nano (Microcontroller), Power Supply, YHDC 100A Current Sensor, Transformer and LED. The data sent to the application is stored through a cloud database, namely Thingspeak. Thingspeak offers convenience in developing an Internet of Things (IoT) platform by providing real time storage media with a NoSQL database. A web-based application that is integrated with data from the Eco Energy Box is built using the Laravel framework with the MariaDB database.

The system is deployed on Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and can be accessed via the URL: https://eco-energy.site


Indicators that become application inputs are property size, maximum guest capacity, number of rooms, number of staff, percentage of occupancy, occupied rooms, number of guests, total electrical energy and water consumption at each measurement point. The resulting analysis is electricity usage over time [kWh], room energy intensity [kWh/room night], energy consumption [MJ/guest night], CO2 produced [kg], water use over time [L], room water intensity [L/room night] and total costs incurred from energy consumption [IDR]. The objective of the measurement is to make energy use and cost more efficient, and to reduce carbon emissions.

About the Developer

We are a team that participates in the Re-Cloud Challenge Indonesia, and our team name is "Media Ceria". We consist of 2 people, namely Ida Bagus Gede Purwania (Backend & DevOps) and I, Kadek Krisna Angga Pamungkas (Frontend & IoT Dev). Media Ceria is a digital agency located in Ubud, Bali. We provide services such as web design, web / software development, mobile application development, graphic design, and several other IT services.

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