Community Blog Cloud Nexus: Ideas Exchange and Collision with Alibaba Cloud

Cloud Nexus: Ideas Exchange and Collision with Alibaba Cloud

Cloud Nexus is a collaborative marketing initiative that brings together people and technology, featuring Alibaba Cloud's latest offerings and insights from technology partners.

About Cloud Nexus

Cloud Nexus is a joint marketing effort that connects people with technologies. Cloud Nexus is where Alibaba Cloud showcases its own latest technology, services, products, and solutions and together with Alibaba Cloud's technology partners to address and provide insights on various topics such as AI, market and business challenges, technology trends, and new innovations. Enabling businesses to leverage a broader range of technologies and expertise to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.

Review of Recent Activities

Cloud Nexus Day Malaysia


Last week, Alibaba Cloud Malaysia recently hosted a successful event, “Cloud Nexus Day Malaysia - Driving Innovation with Strategic Technology Enablers”, with over 200 delegates in attendance.


Cloud Nexus Day Malaysia is designed to foster collaboration and innovation among key players in the market. This exclusive ISV event brings best practices for integrating your software and tools with the cloud platform, understanding and leveraging cloud-based DevOps services to enhance product quality and agility, and case studies on successful ISV-customer collaborations and outcomes. We strongly believe that having a comprehensive network of ecosystem partners helps Alibaba Cloud to be more equipped to provide advanced solutions such as ESG, EMAS, WhatsApp, AI solutions, and more. The comprehensive business solutions from our partner community, allow our customers from all industries to reach new levels of creativity and success in business, backed by cloud computing technologies.


Cloud Nexus Day Thailand

Cloud Nexus Day Thailand, a flagship campaign organized by our esteemed technology partner in collaboration with Alibaba Cloud, illuminated the path towards digital transformation in Thailand. As attendees gathered, a palpable energy filled the air, reflecting the collective enthusiasm for technological innovation. The event served as a nexus of ideas, expertise, and opportunities, propelling Thailand towards a digital future.


Throughout the day, participants engaged in dynamic discussions, hands-on workshops, and immersive experiences, gaining invaluable insights into the latest trends and solutions shaping the digital landscape. From cloud computing to artificial intelligence, from cybersecurity to e-commerce, the event covered a diverse range of topics crucial to Thailand's digitalization journey.


Keynote speakers shared their expertise, offering strategic guidance and inspiration to attendees. Meanwhile, interactive sessions allowed for meaningful exchanges of ideas and best practices among industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts.

Beyond the informative sessions, Cloud Nexus Day Thailand provided ample networking opportunities, fostering collaborations and partnerships essential for driving technological innovation forward. Attendees departed with newfound knowledge, connections, and a renewed sense of purpose, poised to champion digitalization in their respective fields.


Cloud Nexus Day Thailand not only showcased the potential of technology to revolutionize industries but also underscored the collective commitment to advancing Thailand's digital future. As the country continues on its digitalization journey, events like these serve as catalysts for progress, empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in the digital age.

More Ideas Exchange and Collision

The partnership between technology partners and Alibaba Cloud is crucial for harnessing the full potential of the Southeast Asia market. This collaboration serves as a bridge that brings cutting-edge international technology to local businesses, enabling them to thrive in the digital era.

For the Thailand and Malaysia markets, which are rapidly growing and increasingly becoming digitally savvy, the importance of such partnerships cannot be overstated. By combining the technological expertise and innovative solutions of technology partners with the robust infrastructure and global reach of a cloud computing provider like Alibaba Cloud, Thai and Malaysia businesses can access a suite of advanced tools and platforms. These are tailored to meet their unique needs, fostering growth, scalability, and competitive advantage in both local and global markets.

Especially significant is the role of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) within these partnerships. ISVs are known for developing specialized software solutions that can significantly enhance business operations. When these solutions are seamlessly integrated with a cloud provider’s offerings, it equips Thai enterprises with the tools necessary for innovation, efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Overall, the partnership between technology partners, ISVs, and Alibaba Cloud is a key driver in bringing valuable ISV solutions to the Thai and Malaysia markets.

Advance Notice

The following activities will be held in Philippines and Paris.

Please look forward to it!

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