Community Blog Cloud-Native Technologies for Higher Efficiency and Lower Costs: 2020 Double 11 Highlights

Cloud-Native Technologies for Higher Efficiency and Lower Costs: 2020 Double 11 Highlights

In this article, we will take a look at the innovative technologies that powered last year's festival with ease.

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As the much-awaited 2021 Double 11 Global Shopping Festival is just around the corner, let's take a look at the innovative technologies that powered last year's festival with ease.

Going Cloud Native

The 2020 Double 11 Global Shopping Festival was a huge success, with a record-breaking GMV of US$74.1 billion within a period of 11-days. To make such a large-scale event successful, Alibaba Cloud made digital infrastructure upgrades that eliminated technical glitches with zero downtime and delivered a stable, smooth, and seamless shopping experience to their customers. Alibaba Cloud utilized cloud-native technologies to achieve scalability, security, resilience, and elasticity. The cloud-native core system deployment reduced IT costs by 80% for every 10,000 transactions compared to previous festivals, and the delivery efficiency of large-scale applications doubled by 100%.

During the festival, cloud-native technology also supported several facility partners, such as China Post, STO Express, Perfect Diary, and Century Mart, to help them handle the traffic efficiently. For instance, STO Express utilized cloud-native container services to develop a fast and effective system for millions of parcels in transit. Moreover, large shopping malls and supermarkets have also benefitted from cloud-native elastic scaling.

Alibaba Cloud's Key Cloud-Native Technologies

Alibaba Cloud extensively provided cloud-native technologies to support the 2020 Double 11 Global Shopping Festival and will continue to provide the same capabilities this year. Several large-scale events have moved its core system onto the cloud to leverage cloud-native technologies such as PolarDB and AnalyticDB to handle billions of business orders. These technologies enabled 100,000 users to query the real-time status of the parcels in transit. Let's look at the core cloud-native technologies used in 2020, Double 11 Global shopping Festival.

  • Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK): ACK is a Kubernetes-based service that runs containerized applications to ensure high efficiency for enterprise operations. IT allows you to deploy applications in high-performance and scalable containers. It not only ensures end-to-end security for applications but also helps create and start a large number of containers and clusters easily. In the 2020 Double 11 event, core services were deployed on both ACK and X-dragon, a proprietary bare metal server architecture. Serverless Kubernetes, an ACK cluster, was applied on a large scale to improve scalability up to ten times.
  • PolarDB: Cloud-native database PolarDB and warehouse database, AnalyticDB was used on a large scale to improve the overall performance of the Double 11 Shopping Festival. PolarDB is a cloud-native relational database specifically designed for important business applications requiring automatic scaling capability, high performance and high concurrency. It is six times faster than standard MySQL databases, delivering high availability and security of traditional commercial databases.
  • AnalyticDB: On the other hand, AnalyticDB is a high-performance data warehousing service that is easy to use, stable, and secure. It provides flexible computing, fast response, dynamic monitoring, online statistical reports, multidimensional analysis solutions, and other unique features to help you analyze data more efficiently. AnalyticDB is capable of processing 7.7 trillion rows of real-time data.
  • ApsaraDB for Redis: ApsaraDB for Redis includes two main versions known as the enterprise version of Tair and the community version of Redis. Both these versions provide real-time diagnostic capabilities. ApsaraDB can handle up to 100,000 query per second (QPS) and withstand a huge amount of traffic flowing in. It supported Double 11 clustering, read-write separation architectures and provided low latency, high throughput, and elastic scalability.
  • AlibabaMQ for Apache RocketMQ: Message Queue (MQ) is a distributed and professional message queue service. It supports reliable message-based asynchronous communications among serverless applications, microservices, and distributed systems. MQ can also be used to create a high-availability, scalable distributed system. It can transmit data between application components and features powerful message stack capability, load shifting, decoupling, real-time computing, distributed transactions, and large-scale cache synchronization.
  • Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS): EDAS is a PaaS platform that provides various deployment options, microservices solutions, and multifunctional solutions for the enterprise-level cloud computing market. The EDAS solutions and deployment options provide an effective way to manage distributed services. It also supports large-scale application systems that include critical online assets such as transactions, products, data stores, logistics, and customer reviews. It has endured high traffic scenarios during Alibaba's Double 11 Shopping Festival. Its sound authentication mechanism and in-depth global metrics reporting capability can perform comprehensive monitoring and diagnosis, conduct dependency analysis, identify bottlenecks, and track distributed calls.
  • MaxCompute: MaxCompute is a general-purpose and multi-tenancy data processing platform for large-scale data warehousing, computing and storage, data security, and more. It supports distributed and multiple computing models to query large datasets, ensure data security, and minimize production costs. MaxCompute played an important role in last year's event in which data volume reached up to 1.7EB per day. Double 11 logistics also utilized Max Compute to analyze parcels. It significantly improved the synchronization time, overall data processing time, and the efficiency of parcel flow from one hour to three minutes.


The comprehensive cloud-native technologies used to support 2020 Double 11 Global shopping festival have revolutionarily reconstructed the technology engine and given major goals to scale up the 2021 Double 11 event. The technologies highlighted will become the infrastructure of the new digital construction to support massive and large-scale events

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