Community Blog Catch the Finals of the 2018 Global Blockchain Competition at Alibaba Cloud Computing Conference

Catch the Finals of the 2018 Global Blockchain Competition at Alibaba Cloud Computing Conference

Alibaba Cloud Global Blockchain Competition is a global competition aimed at promoting the application of blockchain technology across different industry verticals.

On June 25, Alibaba Cloud announced the 2018 Global Blockchain Competition for blockchain developers in the world, covering a range of propositions in multiple fields such as data asset, supply chain finance, and tracing technology. Contestants can choose propositions and submit their solutions. Alibaba Cloud expresses the hope to collect blockchain solutions from a wide audience and introduce industry customers' verification solutions and results to apply the blockchain technology to the real economy and boost the popularity of this technology.


"Blockchain is a core technology for driving the next-generation Internet transformation. We hope the blockchain competition can motivate developers in the world to collaborate and innovate," said Yi Li, technical director of Alibaba Cloud blockchain products. "The application ecosystem and openness are the important factors determining the long-term development of blockchain technology. Alibaba Cloud will support the open-source and enterprise-level blockchain technology Hyperledger Fabric and Ant Blockchain to provide customers with more open choices."

It is reported that the competition's judging panel consists of dozens of experts from the sectors focusing on the blockchain technology and the most authoritative representatives of this technology, including Hyperledger Foundation, Deutsche Telekom, Ziggurat Internet Technologies, MYBANK, and Alibaba. They will review the contestants' works from their professional point of view. Long Wenxuan, director of Hyperledger Foundation in China, made a speech on site to express Hyperledger's support for the competition and wish a successful completion of the competition.


Blockchain is an innovative distributed ledger technology featuring decentralization, openness and transparency, and anti-tampering. The competition encourages contestants to give full play to their talents to contribute to the rapid and healthy development of blockchain technology by building innovative applications adapted to service scenarios on Alibaba Cloud's Hyperledger Fabric-based blockchain technology platform.

The world is at the starting point of a new round of Internet technology transformation, and China is becoming a center of new technologies represented by blockchain. In the 2017 Global Blockchain Enterprise Patent Ranklist (Top 100), Chi nese enterprises account for 49%, whereas U.S. enterprises account for 33%. Alibaba Group ranks No. 1 with 49 global patents, followed by Bank of America.

Currently, Alibaba's blockchain technology experiences deep application in the financial sector. On June 25, AlipayHK launched the world's first e-wallet that uses blockchain for cross-border remittance. A remittance was completed by Grace, a Filipino who works in Hong Kong, in only 3 seconds. Several months ago, Alibaba Cloud launched a series of blockchain solutions, allowing developers to configure and deploy a blockchain application in a matter of minutes. The solutions have been applied to authentic product tracing of luxury goods sold on Tmall, with remarkable success.

Catch the Finals at Hangzhou in September!

The Alibaba Cloud has divided the 2018 Global Blockchain Competition into preliminary, semi-final, and final rounds. The final round will be held at the 2018 Alibaba Cloud Computing Conference in Hangzhou. Industry leaders and major customers will gather together to explore the rapid development of blockchain technology.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 Computing Conference!


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