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New Frontiers
Exploring the Future
Jack Ma once said: "Technology should always do something that enables people, not disable people." The digital age has swept across the globe emerging technologies like AI, IoT, machine learning, and blockchain are creating new opportunities for some, Alibaba Cloud believes it should enable all.
Inclusive Technology
Open and innovative technologies bring new and equal opportunities. Today, innovations like digital microfinance, AI, and smart risk control are making the financial industry more inclusive, bringing the advantages of emerging technology to everyone.
A Digital World
Featuring over 160 breakout sessions on advanced technologies, products, industries, and other topics from a myriad of sectors explore the unlimited possibilities of the digital world.
Think Big
Academics, scientists, artists, and industry pioneers all have a stage to present their latest research and innovations. Without real exchange, you can't create actual knowledge, and by giving free reign to our imagination, we can change the world.
Innovate Together
Yunqi will once again bring together thousands of like-minded individuals and innovative entrepreneurs. Together, with a curious and creative spirit, we can break boundaries, create new possibilities and nurture ideas for a brighter tomorrow.


Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group
Senior Vice President of Alibaba Group, President of Alibaba Cloud
Chairman of Technology Steering Committee of Alibaba Group
Chief Information & Technology Officer for the International Olympic Committee
The Geek-out Experience
Land on the moon and explore the unlimited possibilities of the future. From IoT Hackathons, Cyber Security Competitions, to Blockchain, Yunqi brings geeks together. At the Geek-out experience, fellow geeks can take part in big data competitions and hackathons that will breed the next generation of cloud geeks.
Tech Go
The combination of sports and technology brings together brains and brawn, data and adrenaline. Here, you can experience cutting-edge technology that will change the future of basketball, soccer, running, and biking.
Music Festival
A collision of technology and music, a fusion of innovation and tradition, and a conversation between classical and modern. The hottest bands showcase the latest in technology in the highly anticipated Cloud Computing Confernece Music Festival. See how technology is defining a new age of music.



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The Computing Conference

As a top influencer in the world, the Computing Conference of Alibaba Cloud provides a panoramic view of Alibaba’s technology commitment and excellence. Here you’ll meet the most influencing minds of the data technology world. You’ll learn the vision and future of cloud computing. You’ll feast your minds on the most advanced technologies of cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence.
The Computing Conference 2018 will happen in Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, and Beijing. The Hangzhou event will see you in Hangzhou, China, at Cloud Town.

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