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Building an Enterprise-Grade Ecosystem with Blockchain and the Cloud

In this article, we discuss how you can build an enterprise-grade digital ecosystem based on cloud and blockchain technologies in 2019.

Recently, Forrester, a world-renowned market research company, released a blockchain technology and market analysis report based on a survey on the world's leading blockchain companies, including Alibaba Cloud. This report provides a series of prospective and practical suggestions on how can an enterprise build distributed trust to enhance digital ecosystems with blockchain.

Key Points

Blockchain is enabling digital ecosystems in the changing collaboration paradigm

Increasing demand and declining trust in intermediaries are driving collaboration between institutions and enterprises. Organizations are incorporating blockchain into digital ecosystems to serve three business goals: effectiveness, ease, and trust.

Enterprise blockchain platform architecture is critical for technology governance

In Forrester's definition, enterprise blockchain platforms have five layers - infrastructure, platform, application, operations, and security - each of which delivers specific business value.

Consensus, anchoring, public cloud, and governance are key to blockchain success

EAs (enterprise architects) must take a business-led approach to choosing consensus mechanisms and considering an anchoring solution for asset integrity. Public cloud platforms can accelerate blockchain innovation, and governance is critical for business success.

Three Blockchain Business Patterns

The implementation of blockchain for enterprises can be categorized into three different patterns:

  • First: The effectiveness-centric pattern
  • Second: The ease-centric pattern
  • Third: The trust-centric pattern


As shown in the preceding figure, Forrester puts forward some suggestions in the latest report "A Pragmatic Road Map For Blockchain"

BaaS Solution Case Study

In this section, we look at how enterprises can adopt blockchain and cloud computing into their architecture by using blockchain as a service (BaaS) offerings, such as Alibaba Cloud's Blockchain as a Service (BaaS).

First: The effectiveness-centric pattern: Video DNA digital content copyright protection


Second: The ease-centric pattern: Blockchain-based IoT security solution


Third: The trust-centric pattern: Medical prescription flow - blockchain + electronic prescription flow chart


Blockchain Services across Industries

Business cases worldwide are proving the value of blockchain across industries. The table below lists some key customers of blockchain services by various public cloud vendors.


As shown in the preceding table, Forrester puts forward some assessments in the latest report "A Pragmatic Road Map For Blockchain"

Security Is the Lifeline of Enterprises

For many organizations, security is indispensable when it comes to ensuring business continuity and success. Traditional IT implementations can make systems vulnerable to security threates, such as OS vulnerabilities and audit log inconsistencies. This is where blockchain-based technologies can help, as shown in the figure below.


In the future, BaaS will still be available to the public, to help enterprises accelerate digital innovation by using public cloud platforms.


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