Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Container Service Blockchain Solution Supports Hyperledger Fabric v1.1

Alibaba Cloud Container Service Blockchain Solution Supports Hyperledger Fabric v1.1

Alibaba Cloud Container Service Blockchain Solution is upgraded to support the newly released Hyperledger Fabric v1.

Recently, the Linux Foundation open-source Hyperledger Fabric blockchain project released Hyperledger Fabric v1.1 (the latest version). The Alibaba Cloud Container Service Blockchain Solution is upgraded simultaneously to provide users with richer and safer functions for enterprise-level blockchain application development. This upgrade will enable customers to conveniently, efficiently, and reliably create their own BlockChain as a Service (BaaS) on Alibaba Cloud.

Hyperledger Fabric is an open-source project launched by Linux Foundation in 2015. Currently, the project has over 199 members worldwide and is one of the most influential blockchain technologies. Through collaboration among project members and the open-source community, the Hyperledger project aims to jointly develop a global cross-industry, cross-border, open, and distributed ledger technology platform. Technological advances made by the Hyperledger project will play important roles for developing a robust blockchain market, transparent data sharing network, and de-centralized digital community.

It is known that, after updating to the latest Hyperledger Fabric 1.1, the Alibaba Cloud Container Server blockchain solution can provide stricter security guarantee and support higher busienss processing demands, and is more compatible with enterprise-level application environment. It means that customers can use this solution to build their own BaaS more conveniently, efficiently, and reliably.

Alibaba Cloud Blockchain Solution in Practice

Alibaba has successfully implemented multiple application scenarios with its blockchain technology. This include applying it to the public benefits system, logistics, and medical industry, based on the decentralized and distributed storage and anti-tempering features of the blockchain technology. In the 2017 Global Blockchain Enterprise Patent Rankings (Top 100) issued by IPRdaily and incoPat at the beginning of this year, Alibaba tops the ranking for its 49 patents.

Officially released in October 2017, the Aliababa Cloud Container Service blockchain solution natively supports the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain network on the container cluster. In other words, when this solution is used, the development, deployment, and running of your blockchain application are all based on the container. You can configure your blockchain application and have a one-click deployment through GUIs and access it in multiple ways.

Besides, you can use the most mainstream Kubernetes and Swarm Mode container clusters for system orchestration as well as control and O&M of your own blockchain application services.

Enterprise-level Blockchain Development Scenario Time Elapsed (Manual Method) Time Elapsed (Using Alibaba Cloud Container Service Blockchain Solution)
Configure and deploy a new blockchain network and configure applications and explorer Hours to days (depending on familiarity with blockchain technology) Minutes
Deploy a blockchain network based on existing configuration and configure applications and explorer Tens of minutes Minutes

Besides, Container Service provides such functions as image vulnerability and security scanning, efficient enterprise software supply chain, and Kubernetes application deployment and application library. The solution integrates rich capabilities of Alibaba Cloud ECS Bare Metal Instance and storage, network, and log services, facilitating development and innovation of the enterprise blockchain applications.



Currently, the Alibaba Cloud Container Service Blockchain Solution already has several Internet financial, industrial, and publishing enterprise users. In addition to Hyperledger Fabric, Alibaba Cloud also supports the Ant Blockchain independently developed by the Alibaba Group, so as to use diversified blockchain ecology technologies to serve business scenarios and industrial customers. Business scenarios include commercial bill transaction, asset custody/securitization, supply chain management/financing, and high-value product security and tracing.

Learn more about Alibaba Cloud Container Service Blockchain Solution at the official documentation page.

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