Community Blog Alibaba Cloud: The Only Cloud Provider in China Named as Forrester's "Global Cloud Data Warehouse Strong Performer"

Alibaba Cloud: The Only Cloud Provider in China Named as Forrester's "Global Cloud Data Warehouse Strong Performer"

This article reviews Alibaba Cloud's recent accolades from Forrester through its flagship cloud data warehouse service, MaxCompute.

On March 25, 2021, Forrester, the authoritative global analysis organization, released The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Data Warehouse, Q1 2021 research report. In this report, Alibaba Cloud was named one of the Forrester Wave 2021 Q1 Cloud Data Warehouse strong performers with its existing product capabilities, product strategies, and market performance. Alibaba Cloud is the sole Chinese manufacturer selected for this evaluation after leaping from a contender to a strong performer.

According to the report, "Alibaba Cloud is as great as or even greater than some leading cloud vendors in terms of the existing product capabilities." As for market performance, cloud data warehouses represented by MaxCompute have become the most popular cloud data warehouse service in China.


Forrester is one of the most authoritative IT consulting and evaluation organizations in the world. This time, Forrester conducted in-depth research, analysis, and evaluation on 13 of the best international cloud data warehouse service providers. The research was conducted according to the three dimensions: product, strategy, and market performance, including 26 standards and 60 evaluation rules.

Based on the leading technology and architecture evolution, MaxCompute has comprehensively reached all the Forrester evaluation standards. Furthermore, it scored the highest evaluation on semi-structured data types, complex data types, offline and real-time data integration, data lake integration, performance (query per day, supported data volume, and workload), extensibility (auto scaling, storage-computing separation, and maximum supported data volume), data security (sensitive data detection, static data encryption, dynamic and static data masking, automatic defect detection, audit, row-and column-level access control, and compliance.) It has escalated to the top of the world, taking the lead in the cloud data warehouses development trend.

As a Serverless cloud data warehouse designed for business flexibility, the "Share Everything" architecture design was adopted in MaxCompute from the beginning. It leads the cloud data warehouse architecture development trend and provides the best user flexibility and out-of-the-box solutions. Meanwhile, multiple computing modes are supported, such as SQL, machine learning (deep learning), and graph computing. In addition to first-party computing modes, third-party engines, such as Spark and Presto, can also connect to MaxCompute.

MaxCompute supports larger data volumes and higher daily task totals. It supports dynamic and scalable features almost equal to unlimited resource expansion. Enterprises can deal with sudden business growth without capacity planning in advance. MaxCompute provides perfected enterprise-level security and management features together with an open data ecosystem. It serves as a platform for multiple scenarios, such as data warehouse, BI, near-real-time analysis, data lake analysis, machine learning. MaxCompute is also flexibly combined with open-source and commercial products, such as AirFlow and Tableau, to create rich data applications.

MaxCompute has developed a lake-warehouse unified architecture, which seamlessly integrates the Cloud Object Storage and Hadoop ecosystem. By doing so, the flexibility of the data lake and the enterprise-level capabilities of the data warehouse are combined into an architecture. As a result, you can build a big data management platform with the combination of data lake and data warehouse. In terms of data governance, MaxCompute is natively-integrated with DataWorks. As an all-in-one big data development and governance platform, DataWorks features AI and enhanced data governance capabilities, which effectively ensures the punctuality and correctness of data production and the orderly management and use of data.

Forrester concluded that Alibaba Cloud provided a wide range of infrastructure, platforms, and analysis services, including MaxCompute, AnalyticDB, and DataWorks, to support various large-scale data warehouse customers in the finance, Internet, bio-pharmaceutical, energy resource, transportation, and media industries. Alibaba Cloud data warehouses represented by MaxCompute provide real-time and EB-level capabilities to meet the requirements from any data warehouse.

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