Community Blog DingTalk YiDA Recognized by Forrester's “The State of Low-Code Platforms in China" Report

DingTalk YiDA Recognized by Forrester's “The State of Low-Code Platforms in China" Report

This article discusses DingTalk YiDA and its recent accolades.

Recently, Forrester, a well-known global research firm, released the “The State of Low-Code Platforms in China” report, and DingTalk YiDA was among included vendors. The report comprehensively analyzes the characteristics of various low-code platforms in China and conducts an in-depth discussion on how low-code technologies can help Chinese companies accelerate digital transformation. The report pointed out that Alibaba Cloud and DingTalk provide new ideas for cloud collaborative development through the in-depth integration of the capabilities of YiDA.

The concept of low-code was formally proposed by Forrester in 2014. Over the past seven years, low-code technology has gradually become a mainstream trend in China. Leading low-code platforms, such as DingTalk YiDA, are serving enterprises in various vertical fields, improving application delivery efficiency, reducing operating costs, expanding the population of low-code developers, and stimulating personal innovation. The rapid development of low-code technology in China has made it a key technology strategy for enterprises to accelerate digital transformation to adapt to the future.

Low Code Will Play an Important Role in Improving the Core Competitiveness of Enterprises

Forrester's report pointed out how Chinese companies' business and technical decision-makers prioritize low-code technologies in the process of digital transformation. 58% of people are using low-code platforms and tools for software development, and 16% are planning to do so. The synergy of low-code platforms, AI, and the IoT makes it more suitable for supporting the core competitiveness of enterprises in the future.

  • Accelerate digital innovation and improve cost-effectiveness – Low-code platforms and tools lower the barriers for innovation teams to try new ideas. The low-code platform provides a configurable UI, preset templates, and automation capabilities to facilitate the rapid delivery of applications and custom processes, helping companies innovate at a low cost and create value for the business.

Picture: 200+ templates provided by DingTalk YiDA

  • Business personnel can also get started quickly - Companies need to modify or extend existing business applications or build new applications to respond to changes in the market and customer needs. After the emergence of low-code platforms, enterprise business personnel can use various pre-configured solutions to increase productivity.

Picture: DingTalk YiDA provides multiple types of page creation

  • Support flexible operation - Enterprises can develop applications to achieve flexible operations by adopting a low-code platform with a cloud-native architecture. Low-code platforms can ensure that applications are secure, manageable, and scalable and help companies build flexible capabilities to respond to crises and incidents. The pandemic has accelerated these practices and proved the value of low-code tools.

Figure: During the pandemic, DingTalk YiDA launched an application in an average of 1.5 days

In the report, Forrester also exemplified the wide application scenarios of low-code platforms in various industries in China, such as banking, insurance, retail, healthcare, government, manufacturing, telecommunications, and construction. Home improvement retailer Easyhome used Alibaba Cloud’s YiDA to develop over 400 applications for administration and finance, boosting operational productivity by 60%.

YiDA Integrates the Native Capabilities of DingTalk and Promotes Business Collaboration with Cloud Ecological Advantages

Forrester pointed out in the report that public cloud service vendors provide cloud ecosystem collaboration capabilities that can achieve diversified cloud environment deployment. For example, Alibaba Cloud’s YiDA integrates natively with its DingTalk platform, allowing direct interaction with other DingTalk-based apps and enabling organization-wide business collaboration.

To build an enterprise-specific application with YiDA, you only need to focus on the business. The platform will sort other things, including data storage, operating environment, server, and network security. In addition, with the help of Alibaba Cloud, YiDA provides powerful elastic computing and dynamic capacity expansion capabilities to escort your business's efficient and stable operation.

DingTalk YiDA Continues to Innovate to Bring Users a Continuous and Outstanding Product Experience

The recently released YiDA 3.0 brought major updates in connectors, large data screens, and security: three large connection capabilities kits, allowing business interconnection; lower threshold data BI capabilities, one-click generation of a cool large digital screen; and security capabilities (such as global watermarks and independent domain names) to provide users with exclusive security at the national secret level.

  • The efficiency and depth of the connection determine the productivity of the enterprise - YiDA's three connectivity suites excel one-click upgrade of enterprise digital applications, YiDA connector, and cross-organizational process approval and application distribution, realizing the entire chain between applications and applications, applications and people, and the upstream and downstream of the enterprise. The application built by YiDA is naturally interconnected on DingTalk.
  • Business data is fully connected, and a cool big screen is generated with one click - This time, YiDA released more than 20 commonly used report visualization components, providing more than ten out-of-the-box visualizations and cool large-screen templates. It covers many fields (such as sales, personnel, and manufacturing), which can be used for display, reporting, command decision-making, business analysis, and other scenarios. It supports table-to-table association with one million data volume and a massive data processing capacity with 100 million data volume.


  • Global watermark and independent domain name can provide a comprehensive security guarantee - Protecting customer data security is the first principle. The platform should rely on DingTalk's comprehensive security protection strategy and obtain the three-level protection certification from the information system of the Ministry of Public Security. This way, the data is protected by national secret level security protection. The global watermarking function should be applied online, and the source can be traced quickly in case of information leakage. Unified risk control account system and independent enterprise domain name build a high security wall, and provide professional-level security protection for enterprises.


Low-code technology has become a key part for Chinese enterprises to accelerate digital transformation to adapt to future strategies. DingTalk will always be with users. As a new productivity tool, low-code constantly stimulates the creativity of individuals and organizations and comprehensively accelerates the digital transformation of enterprises.

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