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Alibaba Cloud Live Commerce Platform

This article discusses the Alibaba Cloud services required for the live commerce platform.

1. Overview

Commerce 3.0 has arrived.

In Commerce 1.0, large commerce companies (such as Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay) sold subdivided categories, respectively, and Commerce 2.0 consisted of selling subdivided categories in specialized markets. Accordingly, Commerce 3.0 is changing into a form in which customers can deliver indirect experiences and specifications of products through live commerce centered on content rather than finding and purchasing products.

Alibaba has been operating large online shopping malls since 1999. In the past, when the purchasing experience shifted to home shopping, Alibaba Group jumped over that stage and developed mobile commerce (live commerce) and provided an experience to customers. As a result, it has become the leading platform in the current live commerce market.

Alibaba Group's live commerce service is built on Alibaba Cloud technology. As such, Alibaba Cloud's live commerce-related services offer guaranteed stability, performance, and security.

2. Introduce Live Commerce Services

There are various services for configuring a live commerce platform in Alibaba Cloud. Among them, I will briefly introduce the services that provide the functions desired by the market.

2.1 ApsaraVideo Live

ApsaraVideo Live is a live audio/video processing platform based on Alibaba's massively distributed real-time video processing technology. This platform has ease of use, low latency, high concurrency processing, and a smooth screen through HD.

The platform operates live centers in countries worldwide (especially in Asia) to provide optimal performance to viewers and provides almost all functions required for a live platform (such as screenshots, transcoding, time shifting, recording, and monitoring).


In addition, CDN connecting and GA connecting, a network acceleration solution, can be organically configured to enhance the viewer's user experience.

The core of this video solution is Alibaba Cloud's proprietary S265 transcoding technology and Narrowband HD transcoding technology with Human Vision Model applied.

Applying this technology helps it intelligently analyze and transform video scenes, motions, content, and textures to produce high-quality output with low bandwidth.


2.2 Intelligent Speech Interaction and Machine Translator

Major e-commerce companies have a requirement to simultaneously broadcast live commerce broadcasts locally and in countries worldwide, especially in Asia.

There are two solutions to implement this technique. It is a Voice to Text (VTT) technology that can convert the show host's voice into real-time text and automated translation technology that can translate text converted into a local language in real-time. These two technologies are provided by Intelligent Speech Interaction and Machine Translator on Alibaba Cloud.

Both of these services are provided as APIs. In other words, if there is an application for video transmission being used, it is easy to use, working immediately through simple OpenAPI.

Currently, Alibaba Cloud provides 22 translation functions (including Korean) and has the advantage of offering specific languages in each Asian country.


The logic of this real-time translation is very simple. First, it converts the source audio to natural text and cleans the syntax. After that, you can translate it into the target language through Machine Translator.


Alibaba Group's large e-commerce sites (such as Tmall, Taobao, and Lazada) are already using this technology to implement and broadcast live services for buyers worldwide.

2.3 Content Moderation, DDoS Protection, and WAF

Live commerce broadcasting can be said to be a form of B2C among B2C targeting anonymous viewers. This means you are always open to malicious attacks.

If live broadcasting is interrupted due to a DDoS attack or bot attack during live broadcasting, the reliability of the transmitting platform may be severely damaged, and there will be many losses that may occur if broadcasting is interrupted.

Various Alibaba Cloud security solutions can be applied to prepare for such a potential security risk.

In particular, malicious DDoS attacks can be prevented through DDoS Protection linkage, and patterned web attacks (such as various bot attacks and XSS attacks) can be easily defended by linking WAF.


In addition, we can prevent inappropriate images, videos, and text from being transmitted live by linking Content Moderation to prevent the transmission of potentially harmful content.

2.4 Global Accelerator

When examining each element of live broadcasting, the most important thing to pay attention to is network quality because no matter how 4K the video is delivered to the viewer, the network bandwidth is limited. Consideration of sufficient bandwidth should be prioritized when transmitting high-quality live broadcasting.

However, in this part, the requirement of global simultaneous transmission becomes a difficult condition. A network line that crosses each border is difficult over 10G. It has a network line that is difficult to transmit even 1080P (let alone 4K).

Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator (GA) can be utilized to solve this problem. Global Accelerator leverages Alibaba Cloud's internal network spread across the globe to deliver content rapidly from servers to viewers.


2.5 Vision AI and Video Tag

The services we have looked at so far have been the most basic functions for composing a live commerce platform, and this introduction is a service that can develop a commerce platform.

We can generate more sales by using live broadcasting as content. In other words, it is necessary to create a way to utilize the stored video.

You can generate sales for additional products using Alibaba Cloud's Video Tag.


In addition, it is possible to create new business for product detail information, categorization, and personalized product provision using Vision AI.


3. Summary

So far, we have looked at the services of Alibaba Cloud to implement a live commerce platform. Even now, many customers worldwide, including South Korea, are using the services above to broadcast countless live broadcasts, and business is growing.

Currently, the live commerce market in South Korea only accounts for 2% of the total commerce market (more than 12% in China). As such, this market can be said to be a blue ocean, and the growth of the market can be viewed positively.

This expectation is Commerce 3.0, and we can expect business growth by preoccupying this market.

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