Community Blog Check out Alibaba's Big Double 11 Bash and See How Alibaba's Revolutionizing E-Commerce

Check out Alibaba's Big Double 11 Bash and See How Alibaba's Revolutionizing E-Commerce

This article takes a look at some of the celebrations for the big Double 11 event and some of the tech innovations that made it just that much better.

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This year's Double 11 Shopping Festival on Tmall

Had RMB 10 Billion in Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) in 96 Seconds

The World's Greatest Traffic Peak

And 544,000 Orders Per Second during Peak Periods

Alibaba's Core Systems

And was 100% Running on the Public Cloud

We Did It! We Made It!

Make Double 11 Happen

Make the Impossible Possible!

Let's Applaud Alibaba's Engineers Tonight!

See how far Double 11 has come. It's been a decade in the making.


And then there's the whole big happy Alibaba family. Tmall, Hema, Pingtouge, Kaola, and Ant Financial so on, and from Taobao to the whole big Alibaba digital economy and platform ecosystem, the Alibaba family keeps growing each year.

In and around Double 11, Alibaba's global headquarters took on a whole new look, dressed in the Alibaba colors of red and orange, to celebrate the annual Double 11 shopping extravaganza.


And everyone at Alibaba was perky, wearing the red shirts worn by Alibaba engineers, and making wishes in front of the big Tmall cat, pictured below. Apparently, or least the word at Alibaba is, wishes made at the wishing well in front of the Tmall cat always come true. This year, Alibaba engineers went to the wishing well wishing for the stable and steady performance of Alibaba's core systems during peak hours to ensure a smooth and delightful shopping experience for online shoppers.



To that end, Alibaba also prepared plenty of supplies: Alibaba engineer red T-shirts, the drums of victory, and loads of goodies in goody bags, with things like energy drinks, throat lozenges, and eye patches to help to everyone working hard on the job.

Alibaba staff beating the victory drum for Double 11

Goody packs made to energize, refresh and relax hardworking staff

Alibaba's cheer squad cheering on the engineers

This year marks the 11th year of the Double 11 Shopping Festival, and Alibaba engineers have prepared with confidence all of Alibaba's new-fangled technology. Every year, the record-breaking GMV of Double 11 has been backed by many world-leading technologies designed in house at Alibaba.

In the rest of this article, we're going to take a look at some of the cutting edge innovations and latest technical breakthroughs that make Double 11 such an success and shopping on Alibaba's e-commerce platform all that more interesting.

Mobile AR Makeup Try-ons Powered by AI

Tmall Beauty launched an AR makeup try-on tool that provides users with the same try-on experience on their mobile phones as what they would get in brick-and-mortar stores.


And with help from artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, this tool allows users to try on makeup virtually. This means that beauty influencers no longer need to load on 15 shades of lipstick during live streams to demonstrate the effects of different shades on their lips.

Taobao Live Just Got Faster and Smarter

The multimedia real-time communication channel behind Taobao Live, the e-commerce platform's live streaming hub, this year has been made even better. The average latency of platform livestreams has been reduced to less than 2 seconds from the previous 5 seconds to 7 seconds, delivering a virtually real-time and better interaction experience for live streamers and their viewers. Moreover, with a new application of AI on the platform, an algorithm can quickly recognize products that the live streamer is discussing during the live stream and display the product information and link during the video.

The Most Articulate AI-powered Bot: AlimeBot

AlimeBot is an intelligent chatbot platform that delivers 24/7 intelligent assistance based on natural language dialogs.

During the Double 11 Shopping Festival in 2018, AlimeBot helped more than 50 million active daily users, with the peak service volume being 83,000 users in just one minute. It supported 98% of online service demands on Tmall, which is equivalent to the workloads of 100,000 customer service representatives. Alime Shop Assistant had record-setting 350 million conversations with customers in a single day.

This year, AlimeBot rolled out a new feature, Alime Live Assistant.

In many ways, live streaming has become an indispensable part of the shopping experience on Taobao and, of course, Double 11. Some people even go as far to say that "for a lot of today's Taobao stores, live streaming is as essential as the product details page." With hundreds of thousands of viewers, asking all sorts of questions during live streams, it's impossible for the live streamer to response to each and every one of the viewers.

Alime Live Assistant stepped in and helped with this job. Designed to help live streamers answer questions related to products and discounts, attract follows and even chat with viewers, Alime Live Assistant is a powerful new tool right for and at the disposal of Taobao store keepers and live streamers alike.

AI Designer "Luban" Designs 6 Million Pictures in Just a Day

Pictured above are the guest posters designed for a TV variety show by Luban.

Luban is a "designer" who can design a large number of banners, posters, and venue layouts in a short bit of time. Luban can replace a human to complete time-consuming design tasks like material analysis, image matting, and color matching operations. As long as you enter the desired style and size, Luban can help you do the rest, instantly generating several design schemes based on your criteria.

During the 2018 Tmall Double 11, Luban was employed to design a total of 6 million banners for 200,000 enterprises and merchants. Most banners and promotional pictures that you see on Tmall are designed by Luban. It is also capable of generating dozens of schemes and designing up to 8,000 different posters in just one second flat. During this year's Double 11, Luban offered a stable and efficient user experience, which, of course, is critical for promotion events like one-click image selections, adding or watermarking store logos on images, and scheduled advertising, to help merchants update and replace images at a much faster pace.

64 Languages Simultaneously All Powered by AI

Just before Double 11, the DAMO Academy upgraded the machine translation technology used behind the scenes to help translate product details and comments on the AliExpress e-commerce platform into local languages across the world, enabling domestic and foreign sellers to provide customer service and business information in real time. High-quality machine translation in 64 languages enabled smoother channels of communication for more than one million small- and medium-sized businesses around the globe.

Futuristic Cooling Solution Puts Servers "Under Water"


In 2016, Alibaba Cloud unveiled the world's first liquid-cooled server which employees a highly efficient liquid immersion cooling solution in data centers. The server is submerged in a special insulating coolant, which absorbs the heat generated by the servers and transfers it to the external circulating cooling system. In this way, the entire cooling process consumes almost no energy, delivering an energy savings of over 70%.

Double 11 Shopping Festival, 2019

Powered by Cutting Edge Technologies

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