Community Blog Alibaba Cloud ACK One and ACK Cloud-Native AI Suite Released

Alibaba Cloud ACK One and ACK Cloud-Native AI Suite Released

Alibaba Cloud has launched the ACK One and ACK Cloud-Native AI Suite to better meet scenario-based requirements in the computing power era

On June 13, Jiang Jiangwei, Head of the Intelligent Basic Products Department, announced that the container service was upgraded, and the Distributed Cloud Container Platform ACK One and ACK Cloud-Native AI suite were launched at Alibaba Cloud Summit 2022.

With cloud computing being adopted rapidly in various industries, computing power is rising as a new source of energy for the productivity of enterprises. They are relying more for development on the agile and flexible IT infrastructure and efficient processing capability of massive data. Considering this, container and Kubernetes technologies can play a special role in automated deployment, scalability, and containerized application management.

In 2021, Alibaba Cloud's container service was fully upgraded to ACK Anywhere. Now, the ACK One beta is available, and the ACK Cloud-Native AI suite has launched, which lets ACK Anywhere provide a better service to realize unbounded computing and unlimited capacity.

Alibaba Cloud ACK One is a distributed cloud container platform for hybrid cloud, multi-cluster management, distributed computing, and other scenarios. It can uniformly manage Kubernetes clusters on Alibaba Cloud, at the edge, or deployed in customer data centers and other clouds and simplify the cluster management interface. Therefore, it enables enterprises to easily cope with multi-cluster forms and flexibly meet their business and data control requirements. It also enables clusters deployed in customer data centers to acquire elastic computing power on the cloud, realizing unbounded computing.

Alibaba Cloud Distributed Cloud Container Platform ACK One

Genetron Health, the leading cancer precision medical company in China, has reduced the cost of single sample processing by 60% and can daily process data ten times more than it could three years ago because of the unified scheduling management capability provided by ACK One.The ACK Cloud-Native AI suite enables Alibaba Cloud to further its container service to data-intensive applications, such as AI and big data, realizing unlimited capacity.

It is rolled out to help enterprises solve the challenges of computing performance and management efficiency in data-intensive application scenarios, such as big data and AI.

Specifically, the suite provides core capabilities based on Kubernetes, such as unified O&M management of heterogeneous resources, AI task scheduling and auto scaling, data orchestration and acceleration, and job lifecycle management. It helps deeply optimize AI production efficiency and cut the cost of resource usage to enable enterprises to build AI platforms quickly. It increases AI engineering efficiency by 50%, AI data access by 35%, and distributed training efficiency by 20%.

In addition, the suite is offered in componentization. All components are out-of-the-box and can be flexibly combined and expanded. The autonomous driving unicorn HAOMO.AI has built an AI development platform on Alibaba Cloud ACK clusters, which has lowered the cost of the R&D environment construction and operation and maintenance. It has made its AI training 300% faster because of the ACK Cloud-Native AI suite's fluid data orchestration and acceleration capabilities.

Build an Autonomous Driving Solution with the ACK Cloud-Native AI Suite

The suite can be seamlessly integrated with Alibaba Cloud Machine Learning Platform for AI (PAI) to provide users with an efficient and flexible cloud-native AI platform. On the one hand, services provided on PAI (such as DSW, DLC, and EAS), together with ACK, enable users' AI model development, training, and inference to be more flexible and efficient. On the other hand, the deeply optimized algorithms, engines, and best practices on PAI can be flexibly integrated into Kubernetes applications to optimize training and inference effects and lower the cost of AI applications.

Jiang Jiangwei said, "Real cloud computing means a green production model of computing power with ultra-low energy consumption and ultra-high efficiency. Alibaba Cloud will continue to conduct in-depth self-research and actively transform technological achievements to the productivity of enterprises."

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