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ACK Anywhere Is Coming

This short article discusses the fourth-generation X-Dragon architecture, Container Service for Kubernetes, and ACK Anywhere.

Watch the replay of the Apsara Conference 2021 at this link!

By Alibaba Cloud Developer

At the Apsara Conference 2021, Jiang Jiangwei, a partner of Alibaba and Head of the Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Basic Products Division, delivered a speech. Following the topic of Non-Stopping Cloud Innovation, the speech interpreted the innovative practice of Alibaba Cloud's basic products from the perspectives of exclusiveness, openness, and security. Jiang also announced the release of Alibaba Cloud's next-generation virtualization technology for the Apsara operating system: the fourth-generation X-Dragon architecture.


In addition to the release of the fourth-generation X-Dragon architecture, Jiang Jiangwei interpreted ACK Anywhere once again at the Apsara Conference.

Previously, at the Alibaba Cloud Computing Summit in Shanghai, Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) was fully upgraded to ACK Anywhere, allowing enterprises to obtain a consistent performance of container infrastructures wherever they need the cloud.

Jiang Jiangwei mentioned, "The X-Dragon architecture is the best carrier for containers. Containers are naturally run in isolated environments, so they need software and hardware support to play a stronger competitive advantage. Our container services provide cloud-native operating systems for enterprises, making advanced cloud computing technologies within reach. Compared with open-source containers, ACK provides a 40% performance improvement. In terms of elasticity, it can deploy 3,000 container instances in 30 seconds."


Thanks to the rich capabilities of Alibaba Cloud's public cloud, ACK Anywhere can deploy mature cloud-native observability and security protection capabilities to user environments. Advanced middleware, data analysis, and AI capabilities on the cloud can adapt to local environments to meet customer requirements for product richness and data control and accelerate business innovation.

Business continuity is the focus of modern enterprise IT architectures. The built-in backup center in ACK Anywhere integrates backup, disaster recovery, and migration and supports Kubernetes cluster configuration and data volume backup and recovery. Combined with Alibaba Cloud's rich experience in multi-active disaster recovery, it helps enterprises improve system stability and business continuity comprehensively.


ACK Anywhere supports unified management of container clusters in the central cloud, on-premises cloud, and edge cloud. It also supports the unified management of customer-created clusters and other cloud Kubernetes clusters. Relying on strong elastic computing power, enterprises can expand from local to the cloud as needed by hosting elastic nodes. This method can achieve second-level scaling and cope with periodic or sudden business traffic peaks calmly.

Previously, Alibaba Cloud introduced a multi-form deployment architecture for one cloud, providing various deployment forms, such as central cloud, on-premises cloud, edge cloud, and CloudBox. The release of ACK Anywhere means the public cloud capacity is localized further, allowing customers to experience low-cost, low-latency, and localized public cloud products in self-built data centers. Users can realize unified cluster management, unified resource scheduling, unified data disaster recovery, and unified application delivery.

Two new products were also released: ACK Distro and the distributed cloud container management platform – ACK ONE.

ACK Distro is a K8s Distribution that can run in a heterogeneous IaaS environment, allowing enterprises to enjoy enterprise-level capabilities that are the same as the public cloud on their infrastructures. It also supports the unified management of public clouds.

ACK ONE is an enterprise-level multi-region/multi-cluster container management platform. It provides customers with consistent management, delivery, and O&M experience, helping enterprises embrace the technical empowerment brought by cloud-native in any region, infrastructure, and scenario. ACK ONE is especially suitable for scenarios, such as cross-region multi-cluster management, distributed computing for AI/big data, application management across multiple data centers, and business cross-region disaster recovery.

Learn more about Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)

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