Community Blog Serverless Shortlisted in Alibaba Cloud's Top Ten Core Technologies

Serverless Shortlisted in Alibaba Cloud's Top Ten Core Technologies

This short article discusses the importance of Serverless.

Watch the replay of the Apsara Conference 2021 at this link!

By Alibaba Cloud Developer

Since being named as a Leader by Forrester in 2020, the Alibaba Cloud Function Compute (FC) Team has continued to overcome technical challenges in the industry and released seven major technological innovations and breakthroughs in Apsara Conference.

During the evolution of computing, networks, and applications, digital technology has gradually built the cornerstone of the digital world. Extreme performance, stability, and reliability are the eternal pursuit of cloud computing.

In the era of the Internet of Everything, Alibaba Cloud is striving to build a next-generation cloud-centric IT system featuring cloud-network-end integration.

At the Apsara Conference, the Top Ten Core Technologies of Alibaba Cloud were exhibited, presenting ultra-cutting-edge technologies with the cloud as the core in the public cloud, industrial cloud, cloud security, cloud-native, ApsaraVideo, artificial intelligence, and database.


At the Apsara Conference, Serverless was launched as one of the Top Ten Core Technologies of Alibaba Cloud.

More medium and large-sized enterprises spin-off their traditional backend execution units that have flexible scale-out needs and run them on the Serverless architecture. Similarly, start-up teams that pay more attention to R&D and delivery efficiencies have performed Serverless transformation for all their businesses. As a result, the concept of Serverless First has become more popular, making more cloud workloads run on serverless architectures.

The essence of Serverless is to realize the focus and freedom of business layer development by shielding the underlying computing resources. However, further cloud abstraction leads to a more complex implementation of cloud service providers at the bottom. FC splits services into functions, which will inevitably bring new challenges to development, O&M, and delivery. For example, how can we perform end-cloud joint tuning of functions? How can we observe and debug functions? How can we optimize the cold start of GB-level images? These things were not a problem for services in the past but have become stumbling blocks to the large-scale implementation of Serverless in the core production businesses of enterprises.

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