Community Blog Seamless Network Acceleration Using Global Accelerator – Part 2

Seamless Network Acceleration Using Global Accelerator – Part 2

Part 2 of this 2-part series discusses the usage scenarios of Global Accelerator and how it delivers crucial data with best-in-class network acceleration.

By Shantanu Kaushik

Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator (GA) helps bridge any gaps between regions. It could be single or multiple region deployments. Alibaba Cloud GA provides seamless network acceleration by collectively improving the network route for any local and global traffic scenario. Network connection optimization between your application and endpoint, locally and globally, is essential for better availability and performance.

Alibaba Cloud ARMS is an observability and management platform for applications that provides superb monitoring and management capabilities. However, network optimization is necessary for any application to work at an enterprise-level and support business expansion.

As your application architecture grows, the complexity grows with it. This increases the need for a network that can support the majority of load situations and provide reliable service. Global Accelerator can solve a variety of issues:

  • Less dependency on Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • Proper packet routing
  • Added security layers
  • Higher speeds (low latency)
  • Quicker delivery using the closest physical location routing

Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator can solve many complexities by providing a single-entry point to your applications. You can have your application deployed in multiple regions and zones, but Alibaba Cloud GA will route traffic using the closest point of presence (PoP).

You can add or remove acceleration zones throughout the acceleration area and enhance the network connection easily. The components that make GA are listed below:

  • Acceleration Area

It is the area from which network traffic requires acceleration. Currently, Alibaba Cloud GA offers support in Mainland China, the Asia Pacific, Europe, North America, and Australia. You can declare an area as an acceleration area or specify the acceleration regions in an acceleration area to accelerate network traffic transmission for users in a specific area.

  • Access Point

Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator uses access points to route network traffic. Alibaba Cloud’s global network receives this traffic routed from the shortest transmission path for quicker network communication. Access points are the points of presence (PoPs) for Alibaba Cloud’s global network and are deployed all over the accelerated zones for better network traffic routing.

  • Accelerated IP Address

Global Accelerator provides accelerated IP addresses assigned to each acceleration region within an acceleration area. Users within these accelerated regions can connect to the point of presence (PoP) closest to the user’s geographical location using the accelerated IP address. Access points are the bridges between users and the global network.

  • Listener

A listener is one of the essential components of Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator. It is responsible for recording and forwarding any user requests it receives to the global network using the global accelerator. Listeners can define multiple distribution groups to sort incoming traffic requests by using them with endpoint groups. After the association, network traffic is distributed to optimal endpoints within the endpoint group associated with a particular listener.

  • Endpoint and Endpoint Groups

With Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator, you can choose your endpoint, depending on what you are using as the origin server. An endpoint functions as the origin server. This endpoint is where the user requests are forwarded. Endpoints can be anything such as:

  1. IP Addresses
  2. Domain Names
  3. Server Load Balancer Instances
  4. Elastic Compute Service (ECS) Instances
  5. Custom Origin Servers

An endpoint group must be associated with a listener to define multiple endpoints in the same region. You can associate a particular network traffic cycle to an endpoint group and use the endpoints above mentioned to forward the traffic according to requirements.

Usage Scenarios

Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator (GA) can provide access points worldwide and accelerate network traffic transmission. You can configure the GA service based on your requirements. You can use this service in various scenarios:

  • Online Gaming Acceleration
  • Global Application Acceleration
  • Cross-Region Collaboration Acceleration
  • Learning Acceleration

Online Gaming Acceleration

Gaming companies need to deliver an exceptional user experience in highly demanding scenarios, such as multiplayer online games. Alibaba Cloud GA enables these global gaming providers to reduce end-to-end network transmission time considerably. Then, allow players to enjoy online games without any network spikes.

Alibaba Cloud GA provides players with a consistent and smooth gaming experience using the closest access points (PoPs) to deliver packet routing.


When compared with transmission over the public network, Alibaba Cloud GA:

  • Shortens the transmission path
  • Reduces latency
  • Reduces network spikes
  • Reduces packet loss
  • Improves player interaction

Global Application Acceleration


User experience may be affected if the connections to applications over the Internet have issues, such as high latency and packet loss. Alibaba Cloud GA can accelerate connections to global applications over the Internet through the high-quality Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) bandwidth and Alibaba Cloud’s global network.

Cross-Region Collaboration Acceleration

Large enterprises and their application services run with large-scale enterprise data. These applications are deployed, and the data is stored in regions across the globe. A global business can have its headquarters in one region and expand to another region using business expansion scenarios.


In such cases, the organization needs to implement global acceleration to establish communication between different offices in multiple regions.

Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator helps create a dynamic and secured network between a multinational corporation's head office and branch offices across multiple regions. Uninterrupted collaboration requirements are necessary for daily operation. These activities require the high-bandwidth and low latency that Alibaba Cloud GA delivers.


  • Seamless Remote Conferencing
  • Office Automation Requirements
  • Web Service Acceleration
  • Telecommuting

Learning Acceleration

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work culture and remote learning are a part of everyday life, but they require a specific infrastructure to work correctly. You can build a secure and easy-to-use platform for online learning, giving examinations, or conducting personal interviews or sessions with Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator.

This solution is particularly useful for institutions and organizations that want to build a platform for online learning quickly and offer the students and faculty a feature-rich and easy-to-use learning environment.



  • Secure stability for enhanced accessibility
  • Cut down the effect of unstable network connections
  • Elastically adjust bandwidth based on your requirements
  • Better security and protection with services integration, such as Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Anti-DDoS service:

Wrapping Up

Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator (GA) can provide seamless network connectivity between origin servers and users with lower latency and higher availability.

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