Community Blog Real-World Implementation of Data Analytics with Alibaba Cloud (Part 2)

Real-World Implementation of Data Analytics with Alibaba Cloud (Part 2)

Part 2 of this six-part article series focuses on complex issues with data handling and introduces data analytics products from Alibaba Cloud.

By Shantanu Kaushik

Data Analytics has redefined how businesses used to make critical decisions. The process shifted from a basic manipulation of data to a full-set industry disruption with advanced tools to visualize and manage data. Extracting valuable information from raw data coming from various sources has enabled businesses to make well informed and thought out decisions that account for smart business tactics.

Alibaba Cloud is a leader in analyzing industry trends and developing the required tools and solutions to support enterprises in redefining business strategies. Alibaba Cloud has created various products and solutions to enable high quality data analytics:

In the previous article of this series, we discussed what Data Analytics is all about. We also talked about what big data is and the challenges associated with it. Then, we presented a brief introduction of Alibaba Cloud DataWorks, the one-stop platform for Big Data.

In this article, we will focus on how Data Analytics should be handled and give a brief introduction to Alibaba Cloud's Data Analytics products.

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Data Scaling

Data Analytics is a process that showcases and delivers on the capability of adapting to the ever-increasing size of data and the increasing demand to process it. The amount of data collected has to be managed with a specific strategy. Data Analytics can enable you to collectively share information, enable collaboration, and generate accurate reports that can optimize your system and ensure that all the collected raw data is processed rapidly without adopting complex procedures.

Proper scaling with growing data can be the difference between a successful and failing business. Data Analytics gives a bird's eye view of the available data using visualizations with Alibaba Cloud DataV. When you have a resource that can help you implement a focused approach to your business and is based on valuable and exact data, it will ensure business productivity.

Expense and Budget

Data Analytics is all about thinking from a future perspective. Today is finished, but formulating strategies to save on finances in the future is an integral part of Data Analytics. There is an impending need of maintaining a balance between its strategy and real-world application. Different factors contributing to a successful practice need to be focused on and driven to establish and maintain the balance.

Businesses need to come up with a reliable data channel to formulate and create architecture that is personalized and accustomed to values for the specific organization. Allotting a specific budget to IT services within an organization that fuels and drives data analytics must be a primary focus.

Allocating a budget will help formulate better strategies for the future and enable greater cost-cutting methods for the organization.

Data Quality | Data Analytics

Data is the backbone of any organization. Especially now, when the focal point is driven through the proper usage of data analytics, the quality of raw data matters. If the collected data is not up-to-mark, you might have adverse consequences due to decisions made using the processed outcome based on bad quality data.

The challenge is to maintain data quality and utilize proper data warehousing. This is where Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute comes into the picture. The best practice is to invest in a data cleansing system to churn out good quality data for the organization's future strategy. An automated system to process quality checks, data disruptions, and clean the data, is highly recommended.

Max Compute | Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute is a fully-managed and large-scale data warehousing platform with the potential to process exabytes of data. Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute supports a distributed computing model and multiple data importing solutions, making it a multi-tenancy data processing platform. MaxCompute helps reduce costs, implement data security, and query large datasets.

Some of the benefits associated with Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute are listed below:

  • Extensive data security with multi-tier integration across Alibaba Cloud and an advanced sandbox protection and monitoring service
  • Support for multiple computational models, including E-MapReduce, SQL, Message Passing Interface (MPI), and Graph Computational Models
  • Supports large-scale EB-level data storage and computing scenarios
  • A highly cost-effective enterprise-level solution

We will MaxCompute in more detail in one of the future articles.

QuickBI | Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud QuickBI is a business intelligence tool that supports big data analysis and visualized data modeling. This lightweight tool supports ad hoc queries and analysis of data by generating data sources and datasets. Data visualizations can help deliver analytics capability by processing mass data while delivering drag and drop functionality for easy operation.


Some of the benefits of QuickBI are listed below:

  • It can build data portals quickly using drag and drop functionality to create data models and visualizations.
  • It can be integrated seamlessly into any third-party system of your choice to extract visualizations and data for added value.
  • It integrates seamlessly with cloud data sources, such as MySQL, SQL server, MaxCompute, ApsaraDB for RDS, and AnalyticsDB.
  • It lets you control access permissions depending on the defined user roles.

DataV | Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud DataV is a data visualization service that enables you to analyze and present your data as visual dashboards. DataV can deal with large and complex data sets and delivers the data visualization experience to build professional-grade visual applications using a highly intuitive user-friendly graphical user interface.

Alibaba Cloud DataV can help build data presentations for many scenarios:

  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Business Monitoring
  • Risk Assessment
  • Geographic Information Analysis

Wrapping Up

Data Analytics is essential for businesses and organizations to make smart decisions for the future. The value extracted from raw data can lead to well-informed decisions that will help yield better business value and productivity. Alibaba Cloud has developed multiple tools to help organizations shift through the phases to attain a business model based on correctly processed data using industry-leading tools, such as DataWorks, MaxCompute, DataV, and QuickBI.

In the upcoming articles, we will discuss each product for big data analysis and management in detail and present useful scenarios for each product.

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