Community Blog Real-World Implementation of Data Analytics with Alibaba Cloud: DataV and Visualization (Part 5)

Real-World Implementation of Data Analytics with Alibaba Cloud: DataV and Visualization (Part 5)

Part 5 of this article series discusses DataV and how it adds to the overall business value.

By Shantanu Kaushik

We have established that Data Analytics is a critical part of data science and is responsible for future strategy formulation for any business or organization to extract true potential from their practices. Data Analytics can provide critical information for organizations to stake and strategize their businesses for extended growth. Previously, we discussed different big data use case scenarios and how solutions like DataWorks and MaxCompute work in-sync to provide business value for organizations.

In this article, we will discuss the significance of data visualization with data analytics using Alibaba Cloud DataV and how it can give organizations an edge.

Data Visualization | Introduction | Importance

Data visualization is the presentation of data in a visualized or graphical format. With Data Analytics, data visualization helps the business understand the analytics data and extract more value out of it. Interactive design patterns and visualizations are used to take additional steps forward with data analytics.


Visualizations provide stimulus to the human brain and can spark a better understanding of any concept. Data visualization, including charts, graphs, and 3D models to represent complex data extracted from big data analysis, can add more value to the overall practice of data analytics. Data visualization can incur better response and improvement over traditional ways of looking at data as text.

DataV | Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud presented DataV as a data visualization tool to understand trends, relationships, and data patterns easily. DataV features a state-of-the-art geographic information system that enables faster data interpretation. DataV responds to user demands to allow faster data mining and analysis.

DataV presents complex data sets as visual dashboards to enable a wide variety of users to understand, analyze, and process data easily. DataV provides an all-inclusive visual dashboard that allows precise and detailed representation of data to enable compatibility with various business scenarios.

Features | DataV

DataV supports a wide variety of visualization tools for data representation that can comprehend data in multiple scenarios. With 3D rendering options for geographic displays, DataV can leverage the power of a GPU to render large-volume data to render re-usable visualizations in geographical scenarios.

Basic Idea-Set

Alibaba Cloud DataV helps users:

  • Understand the data you want to make visualizations from
  • Use templates for better communication and presentation of information with a relevant form to showcase analytics
  • Understand the needs of your audience and communicate information accordingly
  • Use the product without complex coding
  • Tell a pictorial story with relevant information
  • Use multiple data sources for information

With the smart city revolution spreading worldwide, DataV comes across a highly viable option for organizations to build 3D rendered models for planning and execution. DataV has game-level 3D rendering capabilities. It allows you to overlay geographical data and work with plot effects, such as geographical trajectories, flying lines, regional chunks, heatmaps, and 3D globes.

DataV incorporates multiple customized data templates for multiple industries and their business needs. It enables connections with multiple data sources:

Alibaba Cloud DataV helps send requests to data sources dynamically. This enables seamless connection and on-demand data delivery.

Patterns and Trends

Different patterns in graphical data can emerge from the laid-out parameters to uncover relationships between the presented data. This enables organizations to focus on areas that need the most work.

Similarly, data visualizations can be used to discover new trends or make adjustments to adhere to the latest industry trends for a business. These trends can provide an edge over competitors and add to business intelligence and productivity.


DataV provides easy execution, so users with little to no programming skills can build visualizations using the drag and drop functionality.


Scenario-Specific Templates

You should know how you want to use the visualization to showcase your idea. A strategy needs to be in place, so your presentation can convey the message and information you wish to present. A structural hierarchy is the most critical bit in this scenario. You will need to collect information from various sources and present it using a singular dashboard. Alibaba Cloud DataV helps you do this easily.

DataV allows you to select scenario-specific templates to present data using charts, graphs, or 3D rendering. These templates are designed to consider and comprehend different scenarios specific to different industries and business trades. Some of these are used for:

  • Geographical Analysis
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Presentations
  • Control Centers


You will get visualizations to work with without hiring professional designers and still achieve the same level of sophistication with your visualization-based presentations.

Wrapping Up

Alibaba Cloud DataV lets you present relevant business information using graphical representations. This helps you present large amounts of data in a precise, clear, and cohesive way. A Data Analytics practice is incomplete without DataV presenting relevant data with visualizations. The presented information allows businesses to make strategic reforms and make confident decisions for better business intelligence to uncover trends. DataV has a unique toolset and functionality that can further your business.

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