Community Blog 4 Must-Try Features in ApsaraDB for MongoDB 4.0

4 Must-Try Features in ApsaraDB for MongoDB 4.0

Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for MongoDB is fully compatible with the MongoDB 4.0 transaction access protocol, enabling you to build enterprise-level applications conveniently.

Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for MongoDB 4.0 fully supports transaction operations, exclusively supports multiple-active data center services, and provides a number of useful enterprise-level features in terms of database data security, management, and cross-domain synchronization.

As an open source document-oriented database, MongoDB has flexible document models that make it a perfect choice for business scenarios featuring rapid development iterations and ever-changing demands. MongoDB supports two types of deployment - Replica Set and Sharded Cluster, allowing it to meet the requirements of highly available and horizontally scaling big data applications. Currently, MongoDB has been extensively used in e-commerce, games, Internet of Things, and small apps.

MongoDB 4.0 All-Around Features

Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for MongoDB is fully compatible with the MongoDB 4.0 transaction access protocol, which enables you to build enterprise-level applications more conveniently. In addition, the "Document Model + Transaction" combination will greatly enrich MongoDB's application scenarios, and free developers from complex business logic for rapid implementation of MongoDB-based business iterative development and upgrades.


In addition to transactional functions, ApsaraDB for MongoDB has enhanced its data security, O&M management, and auto scaling functions.

End-to-End Data Security Enhancement

  1. Client-to-database network data access supports SSL encryption, effectively eliminating the risk of packet capture and data theft.
  2. MongoDB's account system is enabled by default, which requires all requests to be authenticated.
  3. Data stored on a local disk or an ECS cloud disk supports TED transparent data encryption, which allows data to be stored persistently in ciphertext.
  4. All database requests are recorded in audit logs for future reference.

O&M Management Enhancement

  1. Operational status monitoring with second-level granularity allows you to better understand the database running status.
  2. The database diagnostic platform, which is based on audit logs, operational logs, and monitoring data, automatically analyzes database exceptions and intelligently recommends indexes for you to better use the database.
  3. Backup and recovery at any time point, and the ability of single database recovery make it totally unnecessary for you to be worried about your data.
  4. Elastically scalable replica sets, which can be scaled up to 5 nodes or even 7 nodes, solve the problem of read-only capability expansion.

Cross-Domain Synchronization – A "Single Server" Experience

To meet major clients' requirements on international services and remote database disaster recovery, ApsaraDB for MongoDB supports building data synchronization channels between instances on the cloud. This achieves cross-domain synchronization between clusters, providing the "same server" experience for global users, and meets the multi-point write and nearby read requirements for international/cross-city business scenarios.

In the spirit of embracing and contributing back to the open source community, Alibaba Cloud's database team has open-sourced the MongoDB data synchronization platform MongoShake, including the core components of cross-cluster synchronization capability. This allows MongoDB community users to synchronize data between their self-built MongoDB clusters, or between instances on/off the cloud.


Industry-Specific Solutions

Alibaba Cloud MongoDB Cloud Service also provides tailored solutions for some popular industries, allowing our clients to focus on their core business.
Taking database-based server deployments in the game industry as an example, MongoDB Cloud Service is about to launch the single-database recovery function to greatly shorten the RTO.


For clients in the game industry who deploy one database instance for each server, Alibaba Cloud MongoDB fully enhances the capability of very single node to efficiently manage costs for clients.

If you have function requirements similar to MongoDB Altlas Trigger, you can use MongoDB Change Stream instead.

To learn more about ApsaraDB for MongoDB, visit https://www.alibabacloud.com/product/apsaradb-for-mongodb

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