Community Blog 10 Years of Cloud Intelligence: Intelligent and World-Class Security Services

10 Years of Cloud Intelligence: Intelligent and World-Class Security Services

After a decade of fending off countless attacks, Alibaba Cloud is now well-placed to protect organizations and individuals from the ever-growing threat of cyber-attacks.

The Evolution of Cloud Security

Since Alibaba Cloud launched, security has been one of our key pillars. Now, after a decade of fending off countless attacks from almost any vertical imaginable, we are well-placed to protect organizations and individuals, defending 800 million attacks and 200 million password cracks every day.

The Growing Cyber Threat

The threat of cyber-attacks is constantly growing, with cyber criminals always looking to find and exploit new vulnerabilities. The past decade has seen a number of companies suffer from high-profile big data breaches, with billions of records compromised, exposing companies to severe financial and reputational damage. As more businesses and increasing numbers of devices come online, the threat and potential devastation that an attack could cause is expanding even further.

For concerned organizations, cloud security is tried, tested and decentralized. Alibaba Cloud is constantly learning from the millions of attacks that it blocks on a daily basis and upgrading key products such as its Web Application Firewall and Anti-DDoS protection to ensure that all of our customers benefit from one blocked attack. In addition, our Security Center (formerly Threat Detection Service) is capable of detecting intrusions by modeling and analyzing data with an accuracy of up to 99.99%.

Addressing Security Concerns

Alibaba's entire business, including our Double 11 Global Shopping Festival, is protected by Alibaba Cloud's comprehensive suite of security services. Double 11 is subject to a staggering 2 billion web attacks, which we must prevent so transactions can be processed, and sites respond in real time. To counteract these attacks, Alibaba Cloud Security provided tens of millions of risk identification services for customers on the cloud. We have constructed Virtual Private Cloud environments to logically isolate users in the cloud to ensure transaction security and have dedicated data analysis and intelligence teams in place to maintain an overall perspective on any threats.

In fact, all our technologies are tested and matured internally at Alibaba before they are made available to our customers as products. Products such as precognition intelligence and situation awareness, that can perceive attack attempts and limit the overall number of security events and loopholes, were developed in this way.

What's Next?

In the future, there is a huge opportunity for deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to have an impact on security provision. Already, the entire process from detecting DDoS attack, through response to defense, can be completed within one second without any human intervention. In the future, evaluation of results analysis, strategy maintenance and responses could all be managed by AI. As the data, transactions and online devices grow, automating processes as much as possible will free up our security research and data science teams to develop increasingly sophisticated solutions that can strike the right balance between protecting a business, and not disrupting its growing online services.

Learn more about Alibaba Cloud's journey in the past 10 years by visiting https://www.alibabacloud.com/campaign/10-year-anniversary

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