Alibaba Cloud is now here in Vietnam and for Vietnam. As the biggest Cloud Provider in Asia Pacific, we completely understand the technology market in Asia Pacific. We are here to help you and your business and/or organizations through innovative technology solutions for all sectors. Our mission is to encourage and help businesses and organizations in Vietnam continue to grow by integrating the resources and digital technology amidst the current global situation. Get to know us more through this conference; see how Alibaba Cloud technology could help you and your organizations embraces the uncertainty.

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  • 9:30 am – 10:05 am
  • Alibaba Cloud; Who are We and What Can We Do for You

    Max will introduce you to the importance of Cloud Computing in the midst of our current situation and what Alibaba Cloud can do and had done during these hard times.
  • Max Dasuki | Lead Solution Architect | Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Indonesia

    Max Dasuki is a Solution Architect Lead at Alibaba Cloud, who is excited about the opportunities created when small and medium-size businesses embrace the cloud and goes digital. He has helped customers architect highly scalable and cost-effective solutions on the cloud platform.
  • 10:05 am – 10:20 am
  • Next Generation Cloud-Native Data Warehouse

    In the future, every enterprise should build cloud-native data warehouses, but there are many diverse architectures to understand. Alibaba Cloud Intelligence’s next-generation, cloud-native data warehouse innovatively created an HSAP system, integrating real-time, offline, analysis, and service.
  • Yangqing Jia | VP of Alibaba Group, Senior Fellow of Data Platform | Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

    Yangqing Jia is a Vice President of Alibaba Group, provides Big Data and Artificial Intelligence solutions for both Alibaba internal use and Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. Prior to Alibaba, Yangqing served as Director of AI Infrastructure at Faceboook and research scientist at Google Brain. He has years of experience in open source AI solutions and standards, with prior work including Caffe, TensorFlow, PyTorch 1.0 and ONNX.
  • 10:20 am – 10:30 am
  • Cloud-Native Data Warehouse & Data Lake

    Fully embracing cloud native architecture, AnalysticDB and Data Lake Analytics offer data warehousing service for PBs of fast data. The fastest interactive real-time OLAP system, ranked by world-leading benchmarks: TPC-DS and TPC-H, provides business intelligence for relational and non-relational data on Alibaba Cloud and hybrid cloud cross regions/vendors.
  • Feifei Li | VP of Alibaba Group, Senior Fellow of Database System | Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

    Feifei Li is currently a Vice President of Alibaba Group, ACM Distinguished Scientist, President of the Database Products Business Unit of Alibaba Cloud, and Director of the Database and Storage Lab of DAMO Academy. He is a tenured, full professor at the School of Computing at the University of Utah (on leave). He has won multiple awards from NSF, ACM, IEEE, Visa, Google, HP, Microsoft, and IBM.
  • 10:30 am – 10:40 am
  • Continuous Infrastructure Upgrades

    Our commitment to empower our customer's business with leading technology is Alibaba Cloud Intelligence's top priority. We have been continuously upgrading and enriching our cloud infrastructure product portfolio. Today we proudly announce the launch of the Enhanced 6th Generation ECS and the brand new 7th Generation High Frequency ECS. We will present more details about all the exciting progress that we made in these new offerings.
  • Alex Chen | Fellow of Cloud Infrastructure | Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

    Alex Chen is the Senior Director of Product Management at Alibaba Cloud, responsible for storage products. Previously, he spent over 19 years at IBM, where he was the worldwide business executive for IBM enterprise storage solutions.
  • 10:40 am – 11:00 am
  • Cloud Intelligence – Leading the Digital Future

    Learn the newest trend in cloud intelligent technologies, and how enterprises create a competitive data edge through it.
  • Henry Zhang | General Manager of Product and Solution | Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International

    Henry is the GM of Product and Solution at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International and oversees the product vision, strategy, and go-to-market for Alibaba Cloud in global markets. Henry has over 10 years of experience building large scale cloud services that help customers create transformative business value.
  • 11:00 am – 11:35 am
  • Gain User Insights with Big Data and Analytics

    How to develop data-based learning analytics and gain user insights with right set of solutions.
  • Kan Yang | Solution Architect | Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

    As regional manager of data intelligence business with 10-years experiences in Big Data, Yang Kan leads Alibaba Cloud regional big data and AI business strategy and solutions. He and his team is dedicated to craft solutions under ET Brain Framework to various industries including smart city, new retail, smart manufacturing and etc.


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