Alibaba Cloud Partner Day
A new start in Turkiye

Date: 29 September, 2022 ( UTC+3 )
Location: Junior Ballroom, Conrad İstanbul Bosphorus.
Address: Cihannüma, Saray Cd No:5, 34353 Beşiktaş/İstanbul


Alibaba Cloud Partner Day Turkiye features content designed to help you leverage Alibaba Cloud services to build new solutions, accelerate demand generation, and differentiate your business. Learn about the Alibaba Cloud strategic objectives, services, and programs for Turkiye market, and grow together with Alibaba Cloud local team! All sessions will be conducted in English. To register as a partner and gain access to the Alibaba Cloud Partner Day please enroll now.




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Daniel Jiang

Regional GM, Alibaba Cloud META Region

Daniel Jiang is GM of META region, Head of International Hybrid Cloud Business Development, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. He has more than 20 years' working experiences in the communication, IT, and cloud domains. He is responsible for Cloud Intelligence International’s Solutions across multiple industries and technologies including IaaS, PaaS, Big Data, Security, and AI. his mission is to enable the customers to achieve success in “Data Intelligence”.

Li Long

Turkiye Country Manager, Alibaba Cloud META Region

Li Long, Alibaba Cloud Turkiye Country Manager, is responsible for the management of cloud development in the Turkiye region, which includes local team establishment, brand building, marketing, and local cloud setup planning. He brings more than 10 years of experience in the ICT domain and digital transformation for different sectors, especially in Retail, Fintech, and Internet business.

Bader Barham

Turkiye Solution Head, Alibaba Cloud META Region

Bader is working with Alibaba Cloud as a Solution Lead. He is one of the youngest and most talented SA in Alibaba Cloud team. Bader has been in UAE since 2014 working on the digital transformation and cloud intelligence.

Emrah Cora

CEO of Cloudup

Emrah Cora started his professional career at the consultancy company Deloitte, has extensive experience in different sectors and companies in the fields of consultancy, strategy and business development, sales and marketing and continues his career as the CEO of Cloudup which is the business partner of Alibaba Cloud at Turkiye.

Akash Verma

Senior Data Intelligence Architect, Alibaba Cloud META Region

Akash is an experienced solution architect with 11 years of experience in the international market delivering Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Big Data solutions. He focused on data & AI solutions for customers in the global region, led multiple large-scale AI & Big Data solutions across domains, and strengthened strategic business relationships by driving digital transformation and achieving the vision for data-driven organizations.

Oguz Mermerkaya

CEO, founder, and lead software developer for Ant Media

Oguz Mermerkaya is the CEO, founder, and lead software developer for Ant Media. In addition to his many diverse roles within the company, he is the primary advocate for the Ant Media development community and has written two books on Android application development and HTML5/CSS3. He is an international speaker at conferences and universities, focusing on video streaming at scale, business life, and other technical issues.

Mehmet Dağdevirentürk

Regional MSP Channel Manager of Trend Micro

Mehmet Dağdevirentürk graduated from American University of Cyprus, Computer Engineering. He earned a double degree in software engineering from the University of Virginia. He continued his career in the IT world as an "Information Security Specialist" at Infonet, one of Turkey's network security distributors. He gave trainings to various institutions and organizations on "Web - Data - Email Security". He started to work at Trend Micro as a "Channel Manager" as of March 2013, recently working at the same organization as Regional MSP Channel Manager.

Cong Guo

Senior Manager of Hybrid Cloud Solution, Alibaba Cloud

Cong Guo is the lead of Alibaba Cloud international hybrid cloud solution team and experinced in private cloud solutions, in charge of service and solution consulting. Before this role, Cong is in charge of the Alibaba Cloud international product & IDC operation team for 2 years.

Cindy Shu

MEA Channel Manager, Partner Successful Manager, Alibaba Cloud

Cindy Shu is working at ICT industry for more than 15 years and ever deeply engaged in product development, supplier management and partnership development. Now she is responsible for Alibaba Cloud MEA channel strategy, business development and channel operation. Before this role she was the head of Alibaba Cloud International Training & Certification for 4 years.

Devrim Ergel

R&D Sr. Manager of Custom SW Solutions, Netaş

Devrim Ergel is Custom SW Solutions – R&D Sr. Manager at Netaş, currently focusing on cloud opportunities. He has been working in ICT Industry for 20 years, where he had extensive experience in R&D, business development and entrepreneurship areas.


Products & Solutions

Cloud Enterprise Network

A global network for rapidly building a distributed business system and hybrid cloud to help users create a network with enterprise level-scalability and the communication capabilities of a cloud network.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

You can use content delivery network (CDN) to deliver content to users from the nodes that are nearest to them, accelerating the response to user requests and increasing the response rate.

Elastic Compute Service

Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) provides fast memory and the latest Intel CPUs to help you to power your cloud applications and achieve faster results with low latency.

Global Network

An end-to-end software-defined network solution for multinational enterprises

Omnichannel Data Mid-End

One-stop omnichannel solution for big data construction, management, and application

Financial Services

Turn your financial services know-how into business success with Alibaba Cloud best practices

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