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Preparation for ICP Filing

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2018

To save time, we recommend that you keep all the necessary materials ready in advance. As different provinces have different requirements, you must prepare corresponding materials according to the local Rules of communications administration (available in Chinese only).

Necessities for ICP Filing:

  • Domain name: You must register your domain name from a China-based domain name provider (Alibaba Cloud International is an international service provider, so domain names registered from Alibaba Cloud International (alibabacloud.com) are not supported by the MIIT ICP Filing system. We recommend that you register the domain name for ICP Filing from the Chinese site of Alibaba Cloud (aliyun.com).) The ICP Filing subject must be the domain name owner, whose information is to be verified by the MIIT.

  • Alibaba Cloud instances: Currently, Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing supports ECS instances with a subscription of three months at least and with Internet bandwidth.

  • Required documents:

    • For an individual: a scanned copy or photo of the front and back of the ID card.

    • For an organization: a scanned copy or a photo of the company’s registration certificate, and scanned copies or photos of the front and back of the ID cards of the persons in charge of ICP Filing and the website.

    • Other documents: other documents required by the local communications administration, such as a domain name certificate.
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