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ApsaraVideo VOD:Overview

Last Updated:May 28, 2021

ApsaraVideo VOD provides basic media processing capabilities such as audio and video transcoding, video snapshotting, frame animation, and video watermarking, as well as advanced features such as automated review, online editing, and AI-based processing. This topic describes the media processing features to help you understand media processing before you read documents related to media processing, media review, online editing, and AI-based processing.


ApsaraVideo VOD provides a variety of media processing capabilities and a cost-effective, elastic, and highly scalable method to convert audio and video files into formats suitable for playback on PCs, TVs, and mobile devices. You can build sophisticated media processing workflows to meet requirements in different scenarios.

You can perform media processing operations by using the ApsaraVideo VOD console, the API, SDK, or clients. You can also use the workflow feature of the console to customize media processing processes. For more information, see Workflows.

Media processing features




Audio and video transcoding

  • ApsaraVideo VOD allows you to convert an audio or video stream to one or more streams to adapt to different network bandwidths, terminal processing capabilities, and user needs.

  • ApsaraVideo VOD provides multiple scenario-specific preset definitions and streamlines the process from uploading to transcoding based on long-term data analysis.

  • ApsaraVideo VOD protects your videos by means of Alibaba Cloud proprietary cryptography and standard HLS encryption.

Audio and video transcoding

Video snapshotting

You can take video snapshots at specific time points in a video to generate image files.

Video snapshots

Frame animation

You can use the frame animation feature to transform a specific part of a video into an animation file.

Frame animation

Video watermarking

During video encoding and decoding, images and text can be superimposed on videos to generate a new video file that has image and text watermarks.

Video watermarks

Media review

ApsaraVideo VOD provides media review features, including automated review, manual review, and security review configuration. Automated and intelligent review of media resources can mitigate risks of non-compliant content such as adult and terrorist content, and reduce manpower costs for video review.

Media review

Online editing

As the production center of ApsaraVideo VOD, the online editing service supports features such as cutting and merging, audio mixing, text overlay, image overlay, masking, and transition effects. It provides an online visual editing platform and related API operations.

In addition, a variety of editing templates are provided. The AI-based video processing results can also be used as the input of online editing for secondary production.

Online editing


The media processing service of ApsaraVideo VOD provides the following benefits:

  • Adaptation to multiple terminals: generates content that can be played on PCs, TVs, and mobile devices.

  • Adaptation to multiple network environments: allows you to select the most appropriate bitrate based on your network bandwidth for smooth playback.

  • Reduction of storage and distribution costs: allows you to adjust video bitrates, improve video compression efficiency, and reduce file sizes without changing the image quality. This ensures smooth playback and saves storage space and traffic.

  • Content protection: supports content encryption for various scenarios such as online education and originality protection.