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HTTP API overview

Last Updated: May 19, 2022

Time Series Database (TSDB) instances allow you to write and query data by using HTTP.

TSDB provides an HTTP API to facilitate integration with external systems. You can call API operations to use almost all TSDB features, for example, querying time series data, managing metadata, and storing data points. The HTTP API for TSDB is RESTful in nature. The HTTP API also provides alternative access methods because not all clients strictly comply with the REST protocol. JSON is used as the default format for data exchange. Standard HTTP status codes are used for all the responses, and errors are returned in a specific format.

The following table lists all the TSDB API endpoints that you can use to read, write, and manage data. For more information about each endpoint, click the link in the Description column to view the corresponding topic.

Endpoint Description
/api/put Writes data.
/api/query Queries data.
/api/query/last Queries the latest data points of a specified timeline.
/api/mput Writes the multi-value data.
/api/mquery Queries the multi-value data.
/api/query/mlast Queries the latest data points in the multi-value data model.
/api/suggest Queries metrics, tag keys, tag values, and fields.
/api/dump_meta Queries the tag values of a specified tag key.
/api/ttl Sets the time to live (TTL) of data.
/api/delete_data Deletes data.
/api/delete_meta Deletes timelines.