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Query TagValue of a TagKey

Last Updated: May 19, 2022

Request path and method

Path Method Description
/api/dump_meta POST Queries the TagValue of the corresponding TagKey.

Request content

Name Type Required Description Default value Example
tagkey String Yes Key of the tag None host
tagvalueprefix String Yes Prefix filtering None 127.0.0
max Integer No Maximum number of returned results 1000 2

Request JSON example

Job: Query two tag Key-Value pairs, in which the TagKey is prefixed by “host” and the TagValue is prefixed by “127.0.0”.

Request: POST/api/dump_meta


  1. {
  2. "tagkey": "host",
  3. "tagvalueprefix": "127.0.0",
  4. "max": 2
  5. }

Response description

The response is the Tag array:

  1. [ {"host": ""}, {"host": ""} ]