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Clean the time series

Last Updated: May 19, 2022

Request path and method

Path Method Description
/api/delete_meta POST Deletes the time series

Request content

Name Type Required Description Default value Example
metric String Yes Metric of the time series to be deleted cpu.usage
tags Map No Time series to be deleted. It is optional. When no tag is specified, all the time series related to this metric are deleted. For details, see the description below.

Request JSON example

Job: Clean the metric of which the name is “cpu.usage”, and the tag is “host:” and “appName: hitsdb”.

Request: POST/api/delete_meta


  1. {
  2. "metric": "cpu.usage",
  3. "tags": {
  4. "host": "",
  5. "appName": "hitsdb"
  6. }
  7. }

Response description

If the error code “200” is returned, the request succeeded; otherwise, the request failed. For details about error codes, see Response codes.