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Last Updated:Mar 20, 2024

Tablestore allows you to compute and analyze data by using a tool, such as MaxCompute, Spark, Hive, Hadoop MapReduce, Function Compute, Realtime Compute for Apache Flink, Presto, Tablestore search index, or Tablestore SQL query.

Select an analysis tool

Tablestore supports multiple data models, such as the Wide Column model and the TimeSeries model. The supported analysis tools vary based on the data model. You can select an analysis tool based on your business scenario.


Applicable model




Wide Column

Use MaxCompute

You can use the MaxCompute client to create an external table and use the external table to access Tablestore data.


Wide Column

Use Spark

You can use Spark to perform complex computing and analysis on Tablestore data that is accessed by using E-MapReduce (EMR) SQL or DataFrame.

Hive or Hadoop MapReduce

Wide Column

Use Hive/Hadoop MapReduce

You can use Hive or Hadoop MapReduce to access a Tablestore table.

Function Compute

Wide Column

Use Function Compute

You can use Function Compute to perform real-time computing on the incremental data in Tablestore.

Realtime Compute for Apache Flink

  • Wide Column

  • TimeSeries

Use Flink

You can use Realtime Compute for Apache Flink to access source tables, dimension tables, or result tables in Tablestore to compute and analyze big data.

Data tables can be used as source tables, dimension tables, or result tables. Time series tables can be used only as result tables.


Wide Column

Use PrestoDB

After you connect Presto to Tablestore, you can execute SQL statements to query and analyze data in Tablestore, write data to Tablestore, and import data to Tablestore by using Presto.

Tablestore search index

Wide Column

Use search index

Search indexes are used for multi-dimensional data queries and statistical analysis in big data scenarios based on inverted indexes and column stores. Tablestore provides the search index feature to meet your data analysis requirements such as obtaining extreme values, counting rows, and grouping data. If your business requires multi-dimensional queries such as queries based on non-primary key columns, Boolean queries, and fuzzy queries, you can create a search index based on the fields that you need. Then, you can query and analyze the data by using the search index.

Tablestore SQL query

  • Wide Column

  • TimeSeries

Use SQL query

The SQL query feature of Tablestore provides a unified access interface for multiple data engines. You can use the SQL query feature to perform complex queries and analysis on data in Tablestore in an efficient manner.


You are charged for the read and write throughput that is consumed when you use compute engines to access Tablestore. For more information, see Billing overview.