This topic describes the approval process of SMS signatures and message templates, including the review period and review status.

Review period

A message contains an SMS signature and a message template. An SMS signature must undergo a thorough review process before it can be approved for use.

The standard review process usually takes no more than two hours to complete. Message templates and signatures undergo review between 9:00 and 23:00 (UTC+8) every day, except for weekends and public holidays. For optimal efficiency, it is advisable to submit your applications before 18:00 on business days.


  • Pending Approval: The SMS signature or message template is submitted and pending approval. The review process is expected to complete within 2 hours.
  • Approved: The SMS signature or message template is approved. You can send messages only after your signature and message template are approved.
  • Failed: The SMS signature or message template is not approved. You can check the SMS console for more information. Simply hover over the "Cause" button in the "Status" column to view the specific reasons why your item was not approved. You will need to make the necessary modifications to your signature or message template and resubmit it for approval.