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Short Message Service:Message template for the Chinese mainland

Last Updated:Aug 15, 2023

Pre-registration of message templates is required to send SMS messages to the Chinese mainland. This topic provides an overview of the requirements and restrictions for message templates that are applicable for messages sent to the Chinese mainland. We strongly encourage customers to adhere to these specifications to ensure successful approval of the message templates.





A message template can contain a maximum of 500 characters, including variables. For more information, see Limitations.


Only simplified Chinese and English characters are supported.


Message templates shall clearly state the contents of the message.

  • Message templates shall not contain financial information.

  • Message templates are prohibited from containing content pertaining to the following subjects: pornography, gambling, drugs, party and government, legal rights protection, crowdfunding, charity fundraising, religion, superstition, stocks, studying abroad and immigration, interviews and recruitment, lottery, loans, overdue notices, credit limit raising, investment and financial services, prizewinning, lucky draws, lightning deals, external-link e-commerce platforms, counterfeits, plastic surgery, tobacco and alcohol, blind dating, violence, intimidation, furs, cashback deals, rebate deals, agent invoicing, information forbidden by carriers, proxy registration, agent certification, invitation to social media accounts or QQ and WeChat groups, personal information selling, carriers’ business, traffic marketing, information that violates the advertising law, empty package scalping, requests for positive reviews, store transfer, user acquisition, crowdsourcing, POS machines, and reward points redemption.


Alibaba Cloud reserves the right to take legal action against any violations of applicable laws and regulations or any infringements on the legitimate rights and interests of other persons. By using SMS, you agree to abide by the specifications set forth, ensure business compliance, and send messages in compliance with the law.

Other requirements

In addition to the preceding content specifications, promotional message templates shall not contain content pertaining to the following subjects: insurance, real estate, education, training, games, cosmetics, medical treatment, clubs, bars, foot bath, examination assistance, trademark registration, decoration, construction materials, furniture, conferences and exhibitions, auto shows, housing exhibitions, auto sales, intellectual property rights, and investment invitation.