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Server Migration Center:Migration process

Last Updated:Jul 03, 2023

Server Migration Center (SMC) is a migration platform provided by Alibaba Cloud. SMC offers migration services with universal capabilities, consistent experience, and high efficiency. This meets your migration needs when you use Alibaba Cloud services. This topic describes the migration process of SMC.

When you use SMC to migrate a source to Alibaba Cloud, you must import the information about the migration source to the SMC console, and then create and start a migration task. The following figure shows the migration process.



  1. Prepare for the migration.

    Create an Alibaba Cloud account, complete real-name verification, activate Resource Access Management (RAM), and activate the snapshot service.

  2. Import the information about a migration source.

    SMC supports multiple methods to import the information about a migration source. You can select one of the following methods based on your business requirements:

  3. Create and start a migration task.

    SMC supports multiple migration scenarios. You can create migration tasks based on your business requirements.