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Security Center:Quick start

Last Updated:Nov 01, 2023

This topic describes how to get started with Security Center, including information about purchase procedures and common operations.

Intended users

First-time users of Security Center

Learn about Security Center

Introduction to Security Center

Security Center is a cloud platform that can help you manage security risks. Security Center can continuously monitor the security status of your assets and provides in-depth threat defense, comprehensive analysis, and quick response capabilities. In addition, Security Center provides multiple features such as cloud asset management, baseline check, proactive defense, security hardening, configuration assessment, and security status visualization. The features can effectively detect and block risks such as virus spreading, attacks, encryption ransomware, vulnerability exploits, and AccessKey pair leaks. Security Center is an end-to-end and automated system for security operations. Security Center helps you protect workloads on hosts, containers, and virtual machines that are deployed on hybrid clouds and helps you meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Billing of Security Center

The Anti-virus, Advanced, Enterprise, Ultimate, and Value-added Plan editions of Security Center use the subscription billing method.



Basic edition

Security Center Basic provides basic security hardening capabilities free of charge. You can use the capabilities to detect unusual logons to your servers, DDoS attacks, common vulnerabilities on your servers, and configuration risks of cloud services. If you select Security Enhancement when you purchase an Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance, Security Center Basic is automatically activated.

Anti-virus edition

Security Center Anti-virus provides features such as detection and removal of common viruses.

Advanced edition

Security Center Advanced provides features such as virus detection and removal, vulnerability detection and fixing, and security reports.

Enterprise edition

Security Center Enterprise provides comprehensive security features such as virus detection and removal, vulnerability detection and fixing, baseline check, asset fingerprints, and attack analysis. The features help your servers meet the requirements of classified protection.

Ultimate edition

Security Center Ultimate provides comprehensive security features for servers and container assets. The features include container image scan, threat detection on Kubernetes containers, container asset overview, alerting, virus detection and removal, vulnerability detection and fixing, baseline check, asset fingerprints, and attack analysis.

Try Security Center for free

Security Center provides a 7-day free trial of the Ultimate edition for users of the Basic edition. If you did not purchase Security Center, you can apply for a free trial of the Ultimate edition to handle mining programs. For more information about how to apply for a free trial of the Ultimate edition, see Apply for a 7-day free trial of Security Center.

Purchase Security Center

You can click the button below to go to the buy page of Security Center and purchase Security Center. For more information, see Purchase Security Center.

Purchase Security Center

Use Security Center





Add assets


Manage assets


Configure common features

Configure common features (simplified)

Security Center provides various security protection features. For more information, see Functions and features.

Developer tools

If you are familiar with network service protocols and one or more programming languages, we recommend that you use Security Center API to manage your assets and develop applications. For more information about the supported API operations, see Overview of Security Center API.

Alibaba Cloud provides OpenAPI Explorer to simplify SDK usage. You can use OpenAPI Explorer to dynamically generate SDK code based on your needs.

Feedback and suggestions

If you have questions and suggestions about Security Center, you can use the following methods to provide your feedback and obtain technical support:

  • After-sales online service: You can submit a ticket for consultation or contact online technical support.

  • Service feedback: You can submit your feedback on usage issues and optimization suggestions for Security Center. To submit feedback, perform the following operations: Log on to the Security Center console and click the 反馈图标 icon on the right side. In the Submit Your Feedback dialog box, enter and submit your feedback.

  • Document feedback: If you find errors in the documentation, such as link errors and content shortages, you can select the error and click Feedback in the lower part of the documentation page to describe the errors and submit your feedback.