The Smart Access Gateway (SAG) app can be installed on terminals such as computers and mobile phones. After you install the SAG app, you can connect private networks to Alibaba Cloud.


Enterprise employees can install the SAG app on their mobile phones or computers. Then, they can use the SAG app to connect to Alibaba Cloud through Cloud Connect Network (CCN). This allows employees to remotely access enterprise networks, and facilitates remote work and remote O&M.



  1. Create an SAG app instance

    An SAG app instance allows you to manage a client. You can create and manage client accounts, and manage connections to a client by using an SAG app instance.

  2. Configure networks

    After you create an SAG app instance, you must associate it with a CCN instance and assign a private CIDR block for the client.

  3. Create a client account

    You must create a client account that is used to log on to the client. After a client account is created, the system sends the account name, password, and other relevant information to your email address.

  4. Install the SAG app

    Download and install the client on your computer or mobile phone. The SAG app supports the following operating systems: Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

  5. Connect to Alibaba Cloud

    You can use the account name and password to log on to the client and connect the client to Alibaba Cloud.

Basic scenarios

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