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ApsaraDB for Redis:Does ApsaraDB for Redis support replica nodes?

Last Updated:Apr 20, 2024

ApsaraDB for Redis standard instances use a master-replica architecture. In this architecture, the replica node is used only for failover and does not process read or write requests. If the master node fails, the high-availability (HA) system automatically performs a master-replica switchover to ensure service continuity.

An HA cluster architecture consists of multiple master-replica pairs. The replica nodes are used only for failover and do not process read or write requests.

If you want to use read replicas to implement read/write splitting, you can use the read/write splitting architecture. A read/write splitting instance that is deployed in cloud-native mode can contain up to nine read replicas. This allows you to easily handle read-heavy workloads. For more information, see Read/write splitting instances.