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Network Intelligence Service:Work with CEN topology

Last Updated:Aug 18, 2023

A Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) topology displays the intra-region and inter-region connections between the transit routers that are deployed on a CEN instance based on real-time configurations. This helps you learn about and manage the cloud network in an intuitive way. This topic describes how to use the CEN topology feature.

Resource topology

  1. Log on to the NIS console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Network Topology > CEN Topology.

  3. On the CEN Topology page, select a CEN instance ID from the drop-down list, and click Generate Topology to view the network instances attached to the CEN instance.

  4. In the Configure section, you can perform the following operations:

    • Select Color Inversion to change the colors of the entity icons.

    • Select Display Instance ID to display the instance IDs below the entity icons.

Use the entity toolbar

On the CEN Topology page, you can view the basic information about an entity by using the entity toolbar.

View Basic Information: On the CEN Topology page, find a transit router for which you want to view the basic information and click View Basic Information in the transit router toolbar. Then, view the instance ID, name, and status of the transit router.