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Mobile Platform as a Service:Tutorial overview

Last Updated:Aug 24, 2021

MCDP is supported in three access modes: native AAR, mPaaS Inside, and component-based. For details about the three access modes, see Access method introduction.

These steps use the native AAR mode as an example to demonstrate the complete process from creating an Android native project, connecting mPaaS to the project, connecting the MCDP component for code development to using the MCDP function. In these steps, you will learn how to configure the app startup page and how to preset a booth in the middle through the client.

Tutorial description

These steps assume that you have completed the following preparations:

  • Development environment. In these steps, the Windows development environment is taken as an example to demonstrate.
  • Web browser. The Chrome browser is recommended.
  • An Android phone running Android 4.3 or later, and the supporting data cable.
  • Create an Alibaba Cloud account and launch mPaaS products.


These steps consist of the following seven parts:

  1. Create a native project
  2. Create an application on the mPaaS console
  3. Access a project in the native AAR mode
  4. Initialize mPaaS configuration
  5. Configure the app startup page
  6. Configure a booth in the middle
  7. Verify booth configuration