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Verify booth and delivery

Last Updated: Aug 24, 2021

The configuration of the startup page and the preset booth has been completed on the client. You then need to verify whether the advertisement can be displayed normally in the splash booth and the preset booth of the startup page by creating a marketing activity and placing advertising materials in the middle of the startup page and the corresponding app page.

The entire verification process mainly includes three steps:

  1. Create a booth
  2. Create and launch an activity
  3. Check the effect of mobile advertising

The steps are described in details as follow.

Create a booth

  1. Log in to the mPaaS console and enter the target application mPaaS CDP.
  2. Create a splash booth for a startup page and a client preset booth by referring to Create a booth.
    The splash booth ID of the start page must be STARTPAGE, and the ID of the client preset booth must be the same as that configured on the client.
  3. Configure booth information and submit the information after completion.
    Note: If the width and height of the booth are set on both the client and the console, the actual display will be subject to the settings on the client.

Create and launch an activity

  1. Create an active marketing activity by referring to Create an activity. When configuring the marketing actions of the campaign, add the two booths created in the preceding steps, and add the corresponding types of materials to the booths. The following shows an example.
  2. After completing the configuration, click Submit.
  3. On the activity management page, click Online on the activity card to launch the activity.

Check the effect of mobile advertising

  1. Install the application mPaaS CDP on the mobile device used for testing.
  2. After installation, open the application and enter the home page.
  3. Two buttons are added on the home page in this tutorial. Clicking the buttons will take you to the corresponding startup page and app page.

    Normally, the application will display the splash advertisement and the banner advertisement in the middle of the startup page and the specified app page respectively. Otherwise, refer to FAQ for troubleshooting.